Musical theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko (MAMT) as well as other theaters because of the pandemic, suffers considerable losses: cancelled scheduled for April tours of the ballet troupe in Paris premieres the ballet and Opera performances (“freelancer”, “Eckmann / Montero / the Nakharina” and “Variations / Wax wings / KAASH”), all actors in isolation. Nevertheless MAMT actively continues to work in online mode: holds the broadcast performances from the “Golden Fund”, online lectures, virtual exhibition, gives a for dancers online classes… And recently even online class for everyone, regardless of their ballet training. In what has now the ballet troupe Mamta, and as actors “stasika” spend time “under house arrest” – said the prima ballerina of theatre Eric Mikirtychev.

Beauty Erica leads the whole classical repertoire: Odette-Odile in “Swan lake” in the world famous edition of Vladimir Burmeister, Masha in the Nutcracker Vainonen, Nikiya and Gamzatti in La bayadère Natalia Makarova, the prima… “Stasik” is considered one of the best performers of the role of the Sylphide in a version by Pierre Lacotte. And she received this role, which is called “hand in hand” (or in the ballet “from foot to foot”) from its Creator? toiles Paris Opera Gielen Tesmar and has received her praise. This season debuted Eric and one of fundamental importance for his work ballet from the repertoire of the Paris Opera – “don Quixote” in the version of Rudolf Nureyev, highly complicated and technically unimaginable “fancy” party Kitri, where he was struck by the auditorium for their boundless energy and charmed by his frankness.

After the announcement of quarantine with her husband, the Prime Minister of ballet of Musical theatre Denis Dmitriev Eric was in the city of Saratov, at home, on the banks of the Volga… There, where their from Denis’s childhood, where they studied at the choreographic school (Eric and Denis were classmates).

– Here mode easy, but restrictions too. Although not controlled as strictly as in Moscow, – explains to me his Eric, Denis and the decision to leave the capital. – Also masks, gloves, observance of a distance, in stores everywhere painted mark. But we most of time spend at the cottage with my parents, near Saratov near the Volga river. It is very warm in recent days has been 23 – 25 degrees. Our son Augustine is good here… just Running in the nature. And we worry: no one near us does not go, does not hurt.

Now in some regions have started to soften the regime. How is it in Saratov?

– Here last week has allowed to walk, however limited, as well as sports. A little more stores opened, but in principle all the same as in Moscow. Though not such the number of people here – around half a million. The epidemic reached here too late, only 2 weeks ago was the large number of cases. Although among all those we know (i.e. relatives and friends) who are ill, thank God, no. We ourselves, my husband was ill last winter, in February. Quite hard, but still don’t know what we had the virus.

theater with the Denis you are bored?

– of Course I do. Such amount of vacation we have ever had. Only in the period when I was injured. And then, I worked on and restored. So of course, I can’t wait to go on stage to dance… Now reviewing your video and think: now I dance!

– With its artistic Director Laurent Hilaire communicated? He is now at home in France is?

Communicated, Yes. We had a teleconference with him. But he basically asked us. Yes, he’s in Paris with his family, had to leave when we were just getting started. So it’s more of us asked: do we know any information about when we will it all end?.. Because in France everything is a little different…But we told him that they did not really know. Hilaire was interested in how we deal with the class. And even went and watched online classes. Asked, how are you, are you sick…

– you, too, as in a Large, foiled planned premiere…

– Yes, the ballet, the famous Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero, for example. There Denis was busy. And Montero took almost the entire ballet, everything was already mostly set. The premiere was held in April, then postponed to may, as all thought that this time we will come. As a result of the planned performances of the 101st of the season, apparently, will be postponed to the autumn of 2020, and maybe more. It’s complicated: we work with foreign choreographers and know when to allow entry and exit of the Europeans. The same situation is with the Akram Khan. Premiere of his ballet KAASH was to be held in June. He also put some part of his ballet, when we were working. In General, until you remove restrictions, the user will not advertise these premieres: I will say that they will next season – it will all depend on the situation.

You, on the Volga… Suddenly appeared a lot of free time. What do you do?

– Denis cottage, helps parents. His hands made a swing. Watched, of course, the Internet. We are now all together swing. Then, we in the country have a stove on the street, they were stoned with stones. And I most of the time I spend with Augustine. I’m quickly at the end of last season after giving birth on stage is back. He was 3 months old when I started going to class. Us togYes the parents helped, and he was not bored. And now, as I have a lot of free time, most often we spend it together. Run, jump, read… In General, are child, as it should be mom. It seems to me that Augustine’s better: all close relatives are here and give him more time. We all parents want for summer it to yourself to pick up. However, we are against because we have to see how the child grows.

– Question mandatory for ballet dancers these days: how do you keep in shape?

– In principle, we in the theater are now carried out online classes. But originally, when they were not yet organized, I was doing classes on the Internet… And give classes now around the world various artists, and different teachers. And when I do that will be broadcast online lesson, I will. For us, this diversity is also useful because we get used to our teachers, and learn something new is always interesting. Denis loves more still to deal with, so it has not been touched, it closes… And when the two of us do, he likes his hurry, he likes to “warm up”. Of course, domestic conditions, it is not ballet, but to keep fit is still possible. Dennis and sometimes rotate, I “fingers” dress, and we are in the middle of doing something. I know that the guys post on the web as they are at home in a “two meter” dance some piece or variation. I also tried to dance Giselle variation. It is very difficult, but possible.

And Denis, you rehearse together? Professional linoleum, which you have given, are much easier to deal with?

– Yes, sometimes I want to stick around for the “vestibular”, and I can have Dennis as a partner to obrashatsa and hold me. You can study at home and on the carpet and on the carpet, and the usual linoleum… But at the ballet linoleum, of course, much more comfortable and convenient, it is not slippery. Professional linoleum us per person cut one and a half to two meters. Since two of us were given two pieces. But still a small space is obtained.

Erica, you gave birth last year to son. Augustine a year and three months. When it was easier to stay in shape – now, in quarantine, or after birth?

– before the birth I said, “Oh, give birth and then everything will be so easy…”. In fact, I was very hard. Maintenance after delivery and now it’s a little bit different things and different loads and even different tasks. When I went to work after childbirth, I, first, deduct the weight I had gained 16 pounds. Then pumped all the muscles. And I took for myself as a first three-act play “Cinderella” by Oleg Vinogradov. So I had a hard time… Now, not so… If, say, you’re not doing a class, you can just exercise, for example, shake legs, abs or back. As in the gym. Now a bunch of different applications – sit and do house. And keep here, of course, easier than to get in shape after the decree. And someone, on the contrary, it is easier to go after the birth. I just remember the moment when our ballerina Natasha Somova gave birth… we then went to the ballet Neumeier’s “the little Mermaid”, and I asked her: “Natasha, how? That must be hard!”. And she said, “no, fine”. So to some it comes easily, but it was hard. Every ballerina has their flaws, here they are after giving birth most often, and get out. And it is necessary for them to follow.