In Britain, the big storms of political scandal: the chief assistant of Prime Minister Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings broke the government-imposed isolation rules. But the politician does not think to repent, and especially to leave his post.

the Reason for the scandal was the information that appeared in the British media that the Cummings in March traveled over 460 miles from London to his family in the city of Durham. And this despite the fact that at that time in Britain there was strict quarantine restrictions. Many Britons saw this story a manifestation of double standards. In the press and the opposition started a storm with demands to fire the violator.

on Monday, Dominic Cummings issued a statement in which it insisted on his innocence, claiming that his actions were justified due to extraordinary circumstances.

President of the United States decided to take four year old son to relatives in Drama because he and his wife had symptoms COVID-19, and he was afraid that if they have to go to the hospital, the child will be leaked.

These arguments of his assistant was supported by Boris Johnson, who said that Dominic Cummings was not simple other exit.

the Journalists were also interested in another trip of the assistant to the Prime Minister in Barnard castle, famous for its medieval castle. And it’s resourceful Cummings was the explanation, saying that shortly before the scheduled return to London he just decided to check whether he is safe to drive and not impaired if he had a vision. And in the castle he was not, and other attractions visited.

meanwhile, the violation of isolation rules was worth the post of member of the scientific Council at the British government, epidemiologist Neil Ferguson.

it turned Out that Professor Ferguson during the quarantine at least two meetings with a married lover. Thus violating the isolation rules, one of the authors of whom he was himself. It was specially developed by Ferguson models of the spread of the virus is largely built to the government’s decision of Boris Johnson to introduce in the United Kingdom quarantine. That – including – provided that the partners are living in different houses, it is not recommended to visit each other.

the Police were satisfied by the fact of the dismissal of Neil Ferguson of the scientific Council of the government. Fine the Professor did not – although theoretically he could be fined £ 60 for breaking the rules of isolation.

In Ireland for violation of the “lockdown” was seen by Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. He was accused that he had arranged with friends of picnic in the Park Dublin.

the Representative of the Prime Minister issued a statement, claiming that no laws or regulations in connection with the picnic was not violated.

This comment appears after in social networks there were photos depicting Leo Varadkar with his partner Matthew Barrett (Varadkar openly gay, the first Prime Minister of the kind in the Green island), and two friends in the Park. The head of the government was in shorts and no shirt, bare chested.

meanwhile, several days earlier at a media briefing assistant Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister Liz Canavan said: “If you visit public places, try not to stay in place and not picnics. Please, do the exercises, and then go home.”

not surprisingly, some of the Irish have seen in the rest of the Prime Minister’s double standards – like the fact that the British neighbors blamed Dominic Cummings.

But the office Varadkar retorted: in the first stage, the removal of limitations in Ireland allows a group of four people meet on the street if they were five miles from home, and keep the physical distance and hygiene.

New Zealand is not the best way proved from the point of view of compliance with the isolation regime, the Minister of health David Clark. The Minister in one of the weekends got in the car and went with his family from his home in Dunedin to the beach, located a 20-minute drive away. When the story opens, Clark could do nothing how to admit a direct violation of the rules of Samothracia, to characterize yourself as an “idiot” and ask for resignation. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, however, decided to leave it in the Ministry of health in connection with the crisis situation. But in the service of hierarchy, his role was defiantly lowered.

the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte turned out to be so law-abiding that, due to introduced in connection with the coronavirus of the ban on visits to homes for the elderly could not visit his dying 96-year-old mother.

the Woman died in a nursing home in the Hague on may 13 – almost two months after the government shut down March 20 all such companies to visit.

“the Prime Minister has fulfilled all the Directive,” said press Secretary Rutte, commenting on reports that the head of the Dutch government followed the rules and therefore not seen his mother before her death.

Micke Rutte-Dilling died from the coronavirus, although earlier in the house where she lived, there was an outbreak of this disease, according to Dutch media.

Only Monday the government of the Kingdom allowed individual visiting some homes for the care, and all similar institutions and this measure will be extended starting June 15.