Medical-Shi Zhengli from Wuhan to struggle through all of the dozens of deadly viruses in the world, where bat houses. On her list, and after the SARS, since the beginning of this year, the new corona virus which is now just about the whole world in its grip. The virologist is in order if the findings do not immediately make it public: that’s what happened with a week’s delay. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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Shi Zhengli hunting as a virologist is in order for sixteen years, a long time in the bat caves on all sorts of computer viruses. It is well known that it is the only flying mammal on the planet is carrying a lot of viruses that can be potentially dangerous and even deadly to humans. As to the new corona virus. The nickname of His is “the bat woman” or vleermuisvrouw. In the bat caves they found dozens of SARS-related virus.

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His work at the Institute for Virology in Wuhan, which is on the 30th of december, the samples of the first Covid or 19 patients, got. Shi was the director of the institute’s right to examine. Also, this is a new corona virus showed similarities to the characteristics of the SARS. After three days, it was the sequencing of the human genome was completed successfully, as this can often take months or even years. The virus was 96% corresponding to a virus that’s in hoefijzervleermuizen from Yunnan were found. The results of the studies are now in labs all over the world used to be in the hunt for a vaccine and a cure for the deadly virus.

Also, the origin of SARS was discovered

from The fear of the virologist is in order, it was always though that a different corona virus from one animal to the man to hop in the tropical areas of China. It would be in the center of the country, which are in Wuhan, are to be found, it was to be a surprise for the Frog. Therefore, they are afraid that the virus will be in her own lab, came to us. But when her boss called her to get it all to fall to the virus to identify it, it was His for a conference. They immediately took the train to the office in Wuhan.

Shi Zhengli, made back in 2004 to be part of the team, and that is the source of the SARS epidemic is being investigated. Coronavirussen originated in bats, and it will then be passed on to other animals, and then they will jump on the person. When SARS was in the middle of the civets. It seemed to be of sixteen years of research and fieldwork, sometimes in very difficult circumstances, and now culminating in the investigation of the new corona virus. For a long time, she felt nothing, as if “coronavirussen is not Chinese, the bat should be kept.” However, thanks to a diagnostic kit, which is His into the hands of another lab, it could be the top scientist from when the testing on the antibodies to the SARS patients were identified. They had a little bit of hope, but it was there nevertheless. It turned out that the three types of hoefijzervleermuizen antibodies to the SARS war. Her team, the search area is reduced to the size of Kunming, capital of Yunnan. In the five years that followed, dealt with the research in that area.