laid-back reggae rhythms to the guitar in the Intro, the muted tones of a hot summer afternoon, the echoes of gentle Latino, moderate use of electronics and bits – this song did not expect, perhaps, neither Basta nor even by Julia Sievert.

a Panorama of the empty town, which otherwise “concrete jungle” and not be called – has also become the scenery in this video clip is actually little artistic drama about the separation of men and women. Interesting linguistic findings, for example, the Russian-English phrase never never small or “you could, but in this story, too many “but” many original discoveries were in the text.

the new track is the mood, the rhythm lulled attractive and original arrangements, and even methods of processing and extracting guitar sound for five minutes changing twice. And the refrain is very useful in while COVID-19 have not yet fully receded, so it is useful to recall, at times, your loved him dearly-charming line: “Never Never small”. That is, “never small”.

And that’s that, and Zivert prefer to call your track exactly outside the rules of grammar in one word and with a small letter… as If to emphasize this his daily routine and therapeutic use.

Julia Zivert:

– I’ve always loved the creativity of the strikers, and the duet with him was always a dream of mine. Therefore, it is absolutely special to me Premiere. How incredible dreams can come true… But the very composition and shot her lyrical silent film is my story about how I matured.

what we did together – this is not a song, it’s an adult, a conscious dialogue between a man and a woman who just one day realize that when love goes away, powerless God… Video, created by the talented Alexey Kupriyanov for a better description of this dialogue is a real silent movie. I’ve always wanted to be in the movies and always saw myself in a dramatic role.