the White house admonished representative of his administration to take a position in the negotiations with the Japanese party. This is stated in the book of Bolton called “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house”. According to the President of the United States, spending Tokyo on American bases less than the real costs for their maintenance four times. It is known that in fiscal year 2019, Tokyo has allocated about 1.8 billion dollars.

In Japan, quickly commenting on recent media information. The government believes that the cost of maintaining deployed on Japanese territory, us bases are distributed between Tokyo and Washington in an equitable manner and do not require adjustments. This statement was made by the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Yoshihide Suga. According to him, the contract on this account is valid till March 2021. Negotiating a new agreement has not yet started. In Tokyo not officially recognized the existence of the requirements of the Americans about the increase in Japanese appropriation for the maintenance of U.S. military bases. However, trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the existing proportions of financing the U.S. did not hesitate to openly talk about it to reporters.

So, on the eve of the summit “twenty” in Osaka in July last year, the American President once again reminded about the unfairness of relations in defense sphere between Tokyo and Washington. According to him, United States in case of an attack of a third party in Japan will be required to come to the aid of its ally. While in Tokyo, said the American leader, the same obligations in respect of the United States shall not be. The White house noted that in the event of an attack on the United States the Japanese will sit and watch military action “in their Sony TVs”.

In Tokyo chose not to get involved in verbal sparring with the United States. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe strongly reminded Trump about the sanctity of the us-Japanese Alliance and its importance to stability in the region. Furthermore, Japan stressed that carry on their shoulders the greatest burden of all the allies of Washington and offered to compensate for the existing “rough” conclusion favorable to the Americans for defence contracts. In Japan the words of Donald trump on the withdrawal of military installations from the country was perceived more as the admission pressure in the negotiations. However, the Japanese, giving the characteristics of the American leader, always cautious talking about his unpredictability. Diplomacy U.S. President and the level of rigidity has led Tokyo to shock and confusion.

Valery Kistanov, head of the Center for Japanese studies, Institute for Far Eastern studies

Conclusion America��ing military bases from Japan is science fiction. Advantages of these bases being there outweigh other considerations, no matter who was the President of the United States. Japan is the cornerstone for the United States in the Asia-Pacific region, and now in a “free and open Indo-Pacific region”, which includes the area from Tokyo to the East coast of Africa, and this concept is actively promoted it to other Tokyo and Washington.

Treaty of mutual cooperation and security between the United States and Japan, signed in 1960, will remain valid for the foreseeable future as a tool of deterrence of China and North Korea, especially given the growing cold war between Washington and Beijing. This agreement is needed on both sides. America gives it a foothold in North-East Asia, for Japan great importance is article 5 of the security Treaty, which States that the United States must come to the aid of Japan in case of external aggression. And the withdrawal of U.S. military bases from Japan would mean that the US will not be able to help. In addition, the withdrawal of the bases will mean that Japan is still vulnerable to external threat, and therefore, it will have to develop its own defense, including nuclear weapons. Such a scenario does not need anyone, neither Japan nor the United States who want to keep their influence on this country, including in the form of a “nuclear umbrella”.

as for the claims of Washington to the Japanese side to increase the costs of the American military, it is typical for a President trump a business approach. We are talking about bargaining. Previously, trump demanded the same from South Korea, but then agreed with Seoul. The same thing will happen here. Especially given the upcoming November presidential elections in the United States, the situation can change dramatically.

was Prepared by Konstantin Volkov