Barry Williams joined forces with several other ‘Brady” stars, including Christopher Knight (Brady) and Susan Olsen.

It’s a very Brady Christmas.

The holiday season is bringing a special treat to fans of the popular ’70s sitcom. Lifetime’s new Christmas movie “People Presents” will be shown on Sunday. It features Emma (Haylie Dauff) and Liam (Aaron O’Connell), who attempt to bring their families closer with “a Bunch…of unexpected guests.”

Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Christopher Knight, Peter Brady, Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady), Susan Olsen, Cindy Brady, Robbie Rist, and Telma Hopkins play the family members.

Fox News reported that Williams said yes to the role when asked by Fox News.

The former child star said, “It has a kind of message that’s sorely needed and greatly appreciated in these times.” “Christmas has been special to me and the Bradys. This is our third major Christmas movie. It’s an opportunity to all work together, not as Bradys. This combination was too good to pass up.

The rest of the cast was unable to appear in the film. However, the 67 year old actor said that he is always open to participating in any project that involves his television family. He shared with us that they have been close throughout the years.

Williams said that the experience of filming, traveling, recording and touring the show was very special. It was also challenging. We had to be there for each other. It was like being trapped in a cocoon, and then emerging to become famous. We could only rely on one another. We believed in each other, and we got along well with one another. We looked out for one another. That was what bonded us together for the rest of our lives.

Williams’ life has changed a lot. Williams has lived in Branson’s Ozark Mountains for 11 years. Fox News’ Knight said it had a “special rural feel” that is hard to find in Los Angeles. Williams said, “There’s an amazing, wonderful entertainment community there.” There are many shows and music. It is all family-oriented. There are beautiful mountains and big lakes. It’s a resort town. For six and a quarter years, I performed a show here. It was a complete stage production musical show. The area was my second home. So I decided to move here permanently. I love the outdoors and riding horses. I am wearing cowboy boots and a hat again. Or, I am cruising along a lake. Chris knows this because he has been here several times. It’s an amazing place.

Williams knows that he is best known as the Brady’s oldest son. He is proud of his role and the way the series has brought families together across the country.

He explained that “The Brady Bunch” has been successful but that its success is enhanced by the years it succeeds.” It’s still going strong 50 years later. It is more revered than it was when we did it. It was blessed with an evergreen sense of humor that has allowed us to ride along with it.

He said, “It might be not in the forefront of your mind completely, but it’s there.” It’s always there. Anyone who has performed the show can see a spark in their eyes. It is what makes them memorable. Maybe because people continue to be touched by the show. Those childhood memories are the most precious. People have remained loyal to us throughout all of these years. It has been an amazing, magical journey.”

Williams stated that people still approach Williams about the impact “The Brady Bunch has had on their childhoods.”

“I hear it all the time, “Hey man! I grew up with your show.” He said, “I grew up watching your show.” We have three generations of people who grew up with us at various times. There are many people of our age, as well as some that are younger and grandkids. We have always felt curious about everything. What is our life like now that we are grown up? How is the world when the Brady children are grandmas, grandpas, grandmas, and moms?

Williams today hopes that “Blending Christmas”, will bring together families just like his show has for decades.

He said, “I think it’s time to look at the type of time capsule we are in right now.” “What’s happening, where are we as a nation, what’s taking over our news, and what’s taking over our time? There is a need for positive, inspirational, and uplifting content. It’s a break from the divisions. This movie seems to do that. I hope viewers will forget about [the] theme of family and workability… it’s kind of the Brady all-for-one, one-for all spirit. That’s what I expect to be happy with.