as of the coronamaatregelen of the government may be food, open from 7 to 22 hrs. But this is about to change that. On Thursday, will appear in the government Gazette, that the stores earlier opening hours may apply. This is especially important for bakers.

Bakers who normally have their case opened at 6: 30 am you have. or 6. for the people who have to work away for the chance to be first with a fresh croissant to buy, encouraged by the minister of employment, Economy and Consumers, Nathalie Muylle CD&V) to establish opening hours to suit.

the local Authorities were there is an exception for grant, but not all of the municipalities went in on it.

Now that the minister has made a decision for all matters. The new rule will appear on Thursday in the official Gazette.

“All of the food, so good, be allowed to resume their old hours use,” says Miet Deckers, a spokesman of the prime minister can Count.

in The world, and especially the bakers will be satisfied with this measure as well.

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