the baby specialist stores are still not open. It was incorrectly announced by the government, as it now appears.

After the extension of the coronamaatregelen on Friday, it was decided that the list of key stores, including food stores, pharmacies and newsagents, an additional category is added. Now may also be shops with necessities for the newborn, ” the doors are open.

According to Rodrique Tournel, the managing director of the retailer, Ciao Bambino, in Sint-Truiden, belgium, led to mixed reactions in the industry. Local business owners are, according to him, is not really eager to make their case to re-open. In accordance with Tournel, many businesses are wondering whether a visit to a baby store really is a essential move to.

“of Course, you can store the necessary measures can be taken. Hand gel to use, with a maximum number of customers to allow it, But at this point, the risk of contamination is just too high. We therefore decide to store close to. Out of concern for our clients, we deliver all the orders are delivered to your home. The same sound can be heard from my colleagues in the rest of Flanders. Imagine that, a pregnant mother and a baby to get infected”, you hear the sound of it.

But now it seems to be a miscommunication by the federal ministry of Economy, know that the VTM-news.

the shops are called ‘essential’?

in Addition to baby shops is a must, of course, all food shops (even shops) stay open until a maximum of 22, you. It’s next to the supermarket, to a bakery, butchers, grocery stores, drankenhandelaars bio – hoevewinkels, fish shops, …).

shopping for pet to be allowed to remain open. Social distancing will need to be ensured.

Also, chocolate, ijsjeszaken, traiteurwinkels, wijnzaken and stores alcoholic beverage are sold, may remain open, provided they do not have wine-tasting on-the-spot offer.

the Food stores (for humans and animals): , which is also a non-food product sales continue to be open to the non-food departments are having to close down. For example, at the stores of the Makro.

Stores the food and pet food: to sell, they may also have flowers and plants with regard to social distancing measures (e.g. AVEVE).

in addition to chemists, newsagents, service stations and fuel (heating oil).


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