As the Switzerland of the Corona-Lockdown? 26. April wants to loosen the Federal Council the measures to be taken. How, exactly, is still unclear. Health Minister Alain Berset (47) but makes clear again and again: There will be a gradual Opening. And you will take.

The think-tank Avenir Suisse now suggests quite the opposite: All at the same time be able to open it again – if you fail to comply with the hygiene measures of the Federal office for health (BAG). Published on Tuesday, the concept of the liberal think-tank outlined its “roadmap for the Corona-Exit”.

Bars and Restaurants open

The authors to the Director of Peter green fields (53) warn against to allow individual industries to re-open the doors. Under no circumstances, the Federal Council must decide on the level of the company. This would be a “plan economic decision”. “Any operational activities should generally be allowed,” said Avenir Suisse.

Open must comply with according to the will of the think tank of all those companies that declare, the hygiene measures, there are also Restaurants and Bars. A licence falls away. However, checks by the Federal government. Stricter rules are not mentioned there, where it goes without any physical contact – for example, in hairdressing salons and physiotherapy. There could be a mask-wearing duty. The home office should maintain on a voluntary Basis, and the digitisation of this will be driven forward.

self-Declaration with “potential,”

The proposal of Avenir Suisse, meets the approval of the supporters of a rapid loosening of the lock downs – straight out of the economy. So he comes in FDP-Boss Petra Gössi (44) good. “Avenir Suisse makes the paper a valuable contribution,” says you to LOOK. Where health is acceptable, would have to be driven interventions as soon as possible.
in the same Horn, SVP-national Council member Esther Friedli (42) blows. She admits however, “Realistically” would happen to the end of the lock downs, step by step. However, it is important that catering companies can take in their work.

In Restaurants, GLP-chief Jürg Large (50), however, sees a possible difficulty in the simultaneous Opening. But: “With a little creativity, and self-discipline of the guests of hygiene measures can also be implemented.” He sees especially in the approach of the self-Declaration of potential.

the risk of new Infections

Different it sounds from the left: “The contagion danger is not in all of the activities the same,” argued SP-group chief Roger Nordmann (47). To want to “from the fetish of Competition all open at the same time, is pure ideology” him in the living room. Ideology help hardly against a Virus.
Also for Regula Rytz (58), party leader of the Greens, is the Avenir Suisse’s proposal is too risky. “It would be irresponsible to risk a second infection wave,” she says. Enable not allow it to respond quickly if the number of new Infections increases again. “We have to assume that the exit from the Lockdown will last for many months.”

One to two weeks longer Lockdown

one way or the other: Until it goes off with the Corona-Exit, it takes time – also from the point of view of Avenir Suisse. The authors expected even with a Lockdown that could start in one to two weeks later than previously assumed. Because there are still too many cases to contagions track who came in contact with these persons. In addition to the Containment of new infections is crucial. The latter was, however, associated with considerable effort and probably not possible, without forcing the population to use a corresponding App.