the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti announced that the city will take tough measures against those who are satisfied with a massive party during a pandemic. He called a recent meeting of the young people in the Hollywood hills and Calabasas “a flagrant violation of the regulations on health protection”, Fox News reports.

on Friday, dozens of regulars, including, presumably, was the police of Los Angeles, without masks were walking all night at the Sassafras saloon in Hollywood. It is reported that the music was so loud that “vibrated the lattice of security.” And on Monday, police officers in Los Angeles responded to a noise complaint in connection with the party at the mansion on Mulholland Drive, which ended with the shooting fatalities, noted the California media.

“Although we have closed all bars and Nightclubs, this large home parties, in fact, turned into night clubs,” said the mayor, noting that police in Los Angeles are subjected to a test similar to that which businesses are violating the restrictive measures. If the LAPD confirms that the house had been a breach of isolation, the city authorities within 48 hours, shut off the water in this house or apartment. For the implementation of this measure will be followed by County health inspectors. City lawyers checked the measure and considered it reasonable, added Eric Garcetti.

Earlier, the Director of the health Department of the County of Los Angeles, warned that the group party held in the last days, was not only dangerous, but illegal. They were going at least a hundred people who did not wear masks and do not abide by the rules of social distancing. In a statement, the head of the Department of health recalled the order that prohibits the holding of such meetings during a pandemic coronavirus.

County of Los Angeles said Wednesday about 2 thousand 347 cases and 68 deaths associated with the coronavirus. The total number of deaths in the district in four months reached 4 thousand 825 cases. The total number of cases in the County to date is 197 912 thousand people. At the hospitals of Los Angeles are 1 768 people sick with a deadly infection, 30 percent of which are connected to devices of artificial ventilation of the lungs. Meanwhile it became known that the municipality of Los Angeles is introducing a new program testing COVID-19. It will be held in remote areas for the poor. For this purpose, a mobile laboratory, to check the health will be about 500 people per day.

In other American States, where similar problems arise, the local authorities are asking residents to adhere to the rules of distancing. New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo authorized the powerand counties to revoke the license to conduct business in institutions that do not respect the restrictive measures and also to regularly publish the names of the bars and restaurants that violate the rules. “We continue to see situations that are just unreasonable. Local authorities have to deal with them, whether on long island or upstate new York,” said Cuomo.

Before it became known that the mayor of new York bill de Blasio to check for infection ordered to organize checkpoints at the bridges and tunnels leading into the city of the Big Apple. Special attention, said Reuters, will be paid to arriving in new York the residents of 35 U.S. States, brought by the country’s Ministry of health to the list of “hot spots coronavirus” in the United States. “Travelers arriving from these States will be provided information about the quarantine, they will remind us that this is a necessary measure,” said de Blasio. Penalties for failure to comply with these restrictions can reach 10 thousand dollars.

more than 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 and recorded daily in the United States. Currently, the number of deaths from this infection in the United States exceeded 157 thousands of people.