MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Cuban Alexander Alaso, who fired at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, said that he was afraid of Cuban organized crime, reports associated Press with reference to the trial Protocol.

the Attacker 30 April, about two o’clock in the morning local time opened fire on the building of the Embassy of Cuba in Washington, the suspect was arrested, reported the Washington Post, citing police. As later reported foreign Ministry of Cuba, the members of the mission were not injured and are safe, the investigation is ongoing. As passed the TV channel CNN, citing the police, the identity of the alleged offender was installed. It is a 42-year-old Alexander Also from Texas. He was charged with assault to murder.

according to the Agency, Cuban opened fire on the Embassy with a Kalashnikov.

He told investigators that he was born in Cuba and served in the Cuban army. In 2003, he moved to Mexico, and then a few years later asked for political asylum in the United States. In 2014, he returned to his homeland to preach in the Church, and there began to receive threats from organized criminal groups.

for several months he lived out of his car and moved from state to state. On Wednesday, he came to Washington to target the Embassy, because, as reported in the court record, he “wanted to get to them before they get to him, referring to the Cuban government, because of the constant threats from the Cuban organized crime”.

Police believe that Also slept on the ground beside the road for recreation and Parking at least for nine months because, as he said, thought that the Cuban criminal authorities pursued him, and he wanted to protect his family.

Also told investigators that he was treated in a psychiatric hospital, and his wife-the nurse told him to seek medical help when he heard voices in his head. In March he was prescribed medication after visiting a mental institution, but he “did not fully comply with the treatment.”

Cuban told investigators he bought the gun in Texas, but about a month ago traded it for a Kalashnikov rifle, because he decided that he would provide the best protection of his family. When he arrived at the Embassy, I started to cry and tried to burn a Cuban flag, but to no avail. Then he grabbed an American flag and opened fire on the Embassy. Subsequently, the police found 32 shell casings. After Also was taken to the police station, officers found a small bag of cocaine in the back seat of a patrol car.

He is charged in an armed attack on the officer of a foreign state or foreign immovable property, intentional damage to property of a foreign state and the use of firearms.