the 77-th Venice film festival will be held on the Lido from 2 to 12 September. Pandemic will significantly change its appearance, but most importantly, after many doubts and adjustments he still held, and not virtual, and live. It is already known that in his program “Days of Venice” will be attended by two Russian paintings. And restored to the “Mosfilm” “unfinished piece for mechanical piano” by Nikita Mikhalkov will be shown in the “Venice classics”, which this year had to move to Bologna, to somehow disperse of the festival guests and the audience.

July 28 the Venice whole will unveil the official program, and these first names and paintings, in particular those that will show in the section “Venice Days”. It included 10 films. Russia is represented by two paintings: the”conference” by Ivan I. Tverdovsky and the debut of “the Whaler” Philip St. George.

“Conference” talks about the echo of events that happened in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002, during a performance of the musical “Nord-OST”, when the terrorists took hostages. Reconstruction of the tragic events will not. The painting chamber, and all happen in our days. Ivan I. Twardowska was 12 years old when the tragedy at Dubrovka, and now he tried to understand, what is post-traumatic stress disorder. Heroine Natalia Pavlenkova manages to escape, leaving the hall among the other hostages her husband and two children. For eighteen years she’ll spend in the monastery, and then return to their loved ones. The film starred Olga Lapshina, Ksenia Zueva, Jan Tsapnik, Philip Avdeev and Roman Shmakov from the children’s group “Nord-OST”.

work on the film continued in the days of quarantine. And to create a film in co-production of Russia, Estonia, Italy and the UK. Ivan I. Tverdovskiy, despite the fact that he’s only 31, has made three feature films – “the Class of correction”, “Zoology”, “Podbrey”, worked in documentary film – alone and with his father-a documentary by Ivan Tverdovsky, passed through all stages of filmmaking. He is the winner of many international and domestic festivals, received awards at the film festival in Karlovy vary. It would seem, no need to prove anything, but he could not find producers on your project. To whom not only applied to the most advanced, it would seem, people. But funding and support is not found. Create a hard movie hunters less. Supported Tverdovsky in the end, a young and promising producer Katerina Mikhailov, producer and Director Konstantin FAM, many years dealing with the Holocaust. The group worked in Spartan conditions. Interestingly, attempts were made to raise funds on the Internet platforms, but they failed.

Geroeat “the Whaler” Philip St. George, who directed his first feature film, was 15-year-old Chukchi hunter Leszek, whose life changed dramatically, once in his native village appeared online. In the network he saw a beautiful girl alone went on a perilous journey across the Bering Strait in search of love. The picture is made in co-production of Russia, Poland and Belgium. .

“unfinished piece for mechanical piano”, shot by Nikita Mikhalkov in 1977, will be shown in the Cinematheque of Bologna at the festival of archival films, which will be held from 25 to 31 August under the sign of Venice. Most likely, not Mikhalkov, Karen Shakhnazarov on behalf of “Mosfilm”, who carried out the restoration and translation of film to figure, and will present it before the show. In the program “Venice classic” has selected 13 films. Among them – “you only Live once” by Fritz lang, 1937, “Chronicle of a love” by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1950, “Serpico” Sidney Lumet, 1973, Goodfellas Martin Scorsese, 1990.