Anticipating launching today a two-day event, the who Director-General Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus said that it will be one of the most important since the founding of the organization in 1948. Sam Ghebreyesus, former head of the Ministry of health of Ethiopia – will act with the report, which, of course, will focus on combating the pandemic COVID-19.

the session agenda also includes the election of Chairman and Vice-chairmen of the Assembly, speeches of the heads of national delegations on the issues of combating coronavirus and the election of new members to the Executive Committee who. Video stream of the debate will be conducted on the official website of the organization and is expected to attract a record international audience given the current epidemiological situation in the world.

However, the main intrigue of the session will be the question of the beginning of the international investigation into the causes of the global pandemic coronavirus. To date, this dangerous infection has infected more than 4.7 million people worldwide, and 315 thousand people were killed.

This topic has caused unprecedented pressure on who from the United States, previously suspended its financing and accused the UN of serving the interests of China and committed numerous errors. For their investigation in the Senate of the U.S. Congress formed a special Commission. It is on Beijing and the who, in the opinion of the American side, are responsible for the concealment of outbreaks of dangerous infectious diseases and the delay in developing effective recommendations for the international community on prevention of new coronavirus diseases and anti-COVID-19.

China, in turn, denies all claims from the United States and certainly will block any draft decision of the Assembly that do not meet China’s interests.

Earlier it became known that the European Union introduced its own draft resolution for consideration by the 73rd Assembly of the who on the situation of the epidemic of the coronavirus. It is expected that Brussels does not want to become a bargaining chip in the “geopolitical warfare” the US and China to encourage the independent and depolitizirovannye the study of the causes and circumstances of the start of the pandemic. As stated in a recent interview with French newspaper Le Journal de Dimanche, the head foreign policy service of the European Union Josep of Borell, such investigation should move away from the “battlefield between China and the United States.” With the EU in this respect, fully sided and Japan, on 15 may, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

One of the issues which can be found a consensus during the Assembly who will be the theme of equitable access of all States to the vaccine COVID-19, which is now being developed by a number of States. Despite information on U.S. attempts to get exclusive rights to a medical therapeutic agent from coronavirus, who insists on “global partnership and cooperation to accelerate the development, production and use of safe and effective technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment COVID-19” and also for the fact that these funds were available “for all who need them, worldwide.”