Preparations are in full swing for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend. It goes without saying that rehearsals have to be carried out for this special event. During the test run for the Queen’s planned birthday parade on June 2nd, an incident occurred that caused a stir. Prince William, the Queen’s grandson, was the center of attention. The 39-year-old rode one of the hundreds of horses and was seen in a uniform with a bearskin hat. This picture is now sparking a debate.

A source claimed after the footage was released, according to the Daily Mail: The prince’s horse may have been sedated. “William’s horse looks drugged,” reads the British newspaper. But what led the insider to make such a claim out loud? “The horse’s head is on the ground. It’s a shame,” is the reasoning. The parade for the jubilee was probably also rehearsed to avoid the hundreds of horses getting nervous during their deployment. The aim was for the animals to be able to stand completely still for a longer period of time. According to the source, the behavior of the horse – especially the head position – allows conclusions to be drawn that the animal was under sedatives. Of course, Prince William was asked for an explanation of the incident, but a spokesman for the Royal declined to comment on the matter.

The allegations are likely to worry Queen Elizabeth II in particular. After all, after all the headlines about the visit of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and their children, she certainly doesn’t need any negative reporting. In addition, the British monarch loves horses more than anything. Horseback riding has been her greatest passion since childhood. Even if the regent currently has health problems, sometimes walks with a cane and is mobility restricted, she still puts up with a lot of effort for the animals. Despite her physical limitations, she appeared at the Royal Windsor Horseshow in a golf cart – and got creative to be able to attend the event. An appearance like this proved once again how much the Queen cares about her favorite animals – in addition to horses, there are corgis that have accompanied her for decades.

Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee is coming up. Now it’s time for Prince William and Prince Harry to ease family tensions. They pull themselves together for their grandmother, it seems.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 70 years and that deserves to be celebrated. Numerous celebrations and parades will take place over the four days – this is what the program looks like.

Queen Elizabeth II retired at Balmoral Castle just ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The monarch wants to take a short break there.

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