But after almost two months, the epidemiological situation in Cuba is no reason to doubt that the authorities can contain the spread of coronavirus. This is confirmed by the mathematical model, according to which the Republic has entered the optimistic scenario for COVID-19 and dry daily data published by the local Ministry of health statistics that demonstrated the reduction in the number of detected cases of coronavirus, despite the large number of tests conducted.

When the pandemic is already moving from China to Europe, Cuba, seemed to have lived the usual life: tourists continued to arrive, to travel around the Island, the capital’s restaurants and bars were Packed to the eyeballs. The authorities have stated that constantly monitor the epidemiological situation, talked about a prepared plan of action for containment of a pandemic, however, no specific details were not reported. A notable observer measures like strengthening control over immigration at the airports, immediately forgotten in the authentic local atmosphere of cigar smoke, rum and endless rhythm of Cuban salsa.

But the coherence and efficiency taken following the identification of the first cases COVID-19 measures leave no doubt that the action plan actually was. Soon Cuba announced the closure of its borders to foreign tourists and the remaining on the Island, travellers were asked to leave in a hurry. Those who would not or could not, were obliged to go out.

at the same time began a difficult fight against the spread of coronavirus in the country. The government has consistently introduced restrictive measures, trying to minimize the movement of Cubans and to prohibit public events. Was canceled intercity bus service, then the prohibition referred to and urban transport. Pupils and students sent home, the work of many enterprises and institutions not related to the vital areas was suspended. Hard quarantine was imposed, Cubans are still able to leave their homes, however, a prerequisite of being on the street – wearing medical masks, the vast majority of which, however, are homemade. At the entrance to any premises appeared bottle of bleach, which the visitors needed to process the hand.

the Deserted streets of Cuban cities demonstrate that the idea of the authorities as a whole performed. Not the last role was played and the constant preventive work and vaccinated over the years of the revolution the discipline. Every day on television are certain officials who lucidly explain to the Cubans the need of isolation and the majority of listening. But those who still won’t listen, tell the database��tional guardians of public order. As it happens, for example, with lovers exercise: first, the application of restrictive measures police officers routinely stopped runners or came to playing baseball in an empty stadium Cubans and asked to discontinue their studies. Now athletes on the streets is not visible.

in fact, the only thing that failed to achieve the Cuban authorities in the fight against coronavirus – is to rein in the queue. Even if organized in Germany, people are irrational lined up in the stores for unnecessary, in General, a commodity, something to talk about Cuba, where the problem of deficiency persists for decades, and standing long hours in queues in the habit. It happened at this time, the whole country literally ran in search of the chicken and washing powder. The people in the queues have spent hours, first of all, standing in large stores and shopping centers. And although the population is obliged to respect the social distance is 1.5 meters, in practice, work is not very good: in pursuit of precious scarcity people often forget about this habit all stood together.

In response, the government decided to close these large shopping centres, and to give the priority to supply small shops. But the full problem is not solved, the Cubans expected lined up in these stores, although, to be fair, in General the queues are less. They began and organized. Now near almost any place you can notice people in uniform, strolling along the standing people and encourage them to keep distance from each other. Although where the military did not reach the Cubans are being very contact and sociable people, continue to stand in one big crowd, discussing one of the most burning questions: “Where and what’s the deal?”

Attempts to start in a short time online sale also did not succeed. Lack of computing power simply has not coped with the influx of visitors, and soon a specially crafted websites were unavailable. Many especially persistent users, still managed to get into the coveted online stores, the error occurs in the last step, right after the payment and before the final order confirmation.

Authorities acknowledge the problem, yet its solution was not found. The queue meanwhile, even more organized, remain, to disperse them do not even have a pandemic.

Cuba is famous for its health care system. The island is the undisputed leader in medical costs as a percentage of GDP among the countries of Latin America – here health takes more than 10%. The American blockade, which Cuba is forced to exist for more than 60 years, does not allow the country to provide less expensive access certain medicines and medical equipment. Here is a good example to better understand the true scale and inhumane nature of this approach. During a pandemic for fear of falling under the notorious U.S. sanctions logistics companies refuse to deliver humanitarian aid from China to Cuba.

But this approach its Northern neighbor on the Island have become accustomed. The pharmaceutical industry produces basic and essential drugs, and a large number of doctors made it possible for Cuba not only to ensure increased during dissemination of coronavirus, the demand for qualified nurses, but also to send more than 1000 experts to help in the fight against the pandemic to more than 20 countries.

Perhaps the key to success in the fight against the pandemic on the Island – early detection of suspected cases, timely isolation of already diagnosed patients, as well as identifying the full range of their contacts (also quarantined). Because a large number of doctors in itself is not able to rescue from the exponential growth of the number of detected cases of coronavirus.

Cuba is regularly carried out house-to-house families. Residents interviewed for suspicious cases, ailing relatives who are familiar with the symptoms of SARS. Doing this local medical students, usually graduate courses. And although the issues are largely standard, reply to them, local residents are trying the truth. The fact that Cuba for a long time established clear functioning of the system of state security, which was created to fight the counter-revolutionaries. Since then with the authorities here prefer not to joke and asked, even the students, but on behalf of the state, questions to answer honestly. Because otherwise the truth will come out, and then it will only get worse.

similarly, to calculate the number of persons who had contact with those who have already been diagnosed with a coronavirus. All suspicious citizens immediately isolated, and to break quarantine few dare – the people here are mostly law-abiding.

Thus, in Cuba, the authorities are able to break the chain of distribution COVID-19. As of April 30, on the Island revealed 1501 case of the coronavirus, and the number of deaths is 61. Composed of local mathematicians and virologists model suggests that the total number of infections will not exceed 2500. This situation, undoubtedly, will be the success of the Cuban leadership and a clear demonstration of the effectiveness and timeliness of interventions to curb the pandemic. These unusual for local residents measures will inevitably bring and the return to the normal Cuban life, when the desert of the Havana Malecon with no noisy cheerful people will remain just a memory, believe that pon the passage of time would be virtually impossible.