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Body of basic and universal piece of clothing, he is not bound to the seasons or dress code. Today, this thing is appropriate in everyday life, and in the evening images. Well, the simpler the thing the more options how to stylize. Parse the example of the stars, like what to wear with a bodysuit and remember how this thing became a fashion.

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the ancestor of the modern body is sports tights, or leotard. It was named in honor of the French aerial gymnast Jules Leotar, who in the XIX century. Then such clothes were only uniforms for circus artists, athletes and acrobats. In the twentieth century body and leotard were also used in the ballet, not only for rehearsals.

the Choreographer George Balanchine often used a minimalist plain body in his productions. This tradition has taken root in contemporary dance — for example, they can often see dancers in contemporary dance.

Brigitte Bardot in ballet class

it is worth noting that the characteristic feature of body, distinguishing it from of the leotard is that in the groin part it fastens with buttons or hooks, making it more practical in everyday life.

the General public, for which this thing if there was, then as underwear, began to pay attention to the body in the 70-ies and 80-ies of the last century, when it became popular aerobics and disco. Such designers as Donna Karan and Azzedine alaïa, included it in their collections.

However, one of the first designers who have decided to rethink the niche thing, was Claire Mccardell in the 1940-ies. She modified the usual swimsuit, adding sleeves, collars racks or neckline. Body was conceived as a simple and at the same time fashionable thing a woman would be easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

a model in a bodysuit from Claire Mccardell

In 1943, Harper’s Bazaar called bodie “a new idea, leading in the twenty-first century and the futuristic costumes superwoman”. Indeed, before bodie fell in love with ordinary women, it caught on in pop culture. First it was to wear a comic heroine Wonder woman, the sex symbol of the 50’s Bettie page and Playboy model.

lynda Carter as Wonder woman, 1970s years

Betty Paige

In the 90s and zero bodie had forgotten the fashion industry, but with the beginning of the 2010s, back at the trends and still remains popular. The main things among the fans of stars are Kim Kardashian, sisters Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other celebrities who wear body in everyday life, and on the red carpet.

Today on the catwalks, designers often represent the body as a separate part of the image that does not require add-ons like skirts or pants. For everyday life, the idea is too bold, although some stars are willing to embody it in life. For example, a lover of fashion experiments Celine Dion appeared in public in a bodysuit and jacket from Off-White.

Celine Dion

the rest of the body solo often can be found as stage outfits — love them all pop diva from Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to Rita Ora and Dua Lime.

Jennifer Lopez Rita Ora

If the output seems too radical, but to show body and to emphasize that you want, you should pay attention to another popular version of the style, which can be seen on the red carpet. Talking about sheer chiffon dress or a dress mesh. In such images at parties appeared Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, Natalie Portman and many other stars.

Irina Shayk Natalie Portman Karolina Kurkova Gigi Hadid Nicki Minaj Kim Kardashian Emma Roberts

Another option, which is suitable for an evening look — this lace bodysuit. Become familiar with this option largely due to the Victoria’s Secret models who have rolled with the show at the party, dressed in jeans straight in runway images.

Chloe Kardashian

Jeans, by the way, generally a great pair for a variety of body, but look especially striking styles with the original cut, which I love Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Bella Hadid Gigi Hadid

In real life, the room for experimentation is also sufficient. Today the range body great: from dressy blouses and shirts for office before transparent models. The first is due to the practicality of things — with body-nothing to break out from his waist and falling in folds. So if you need to create a neat way and not worry about such trifles, that bodysuit will be a great choice.

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Transparent model is also suitable for evening images and dates, but if you want to depart from classic style, you should experiment with sport and street style. To see how to do it, too, can be models. Under the transparent top you can wear a sports bra and complement the image of sports pants with stripes.

this is a master class on how easy to combine the body with different things in the wardrobe and create new looks, you can see on instagram Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Model loves this thing and combines it with both pants and with skirt.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Nice work and layering: try to wear a bodysuit under the thing with bare shoulders. Kendall Jenner tried this technique twice: casual and formal manner. Under Richard Quinn dress, which she wore to the ceremony of the “Emmy-2019”, also had a latex bodysuit.

the Bodysuit and pants with low waist were a popular combination among the guests of the fashion week season spring-summer — 2020. Given that zero fashion is slowly returning, should take a way on the note.

Before the end of summer you can still have time to try on the body, combining it with a denim mini-skirt, shorts or Bermuda, well, autumn, you can acquire a model with long sleeve and stand collar to wear with jeans and trousers, complementing jackets or cardigans. Gathering dust in the cupboard body will not be exact — it will be a place in almost any way.

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And you wear your body?