Anything is possible, including to quickly deal with the problems of an intimate nature in men, experts believe. The main thing — to choose the tools that really help. Here it is necessary to change traditional ideas about the usual things to get the desired effect.Now, the man needed just 12 minutes a day to not leaving the house alone to deal with diseases such as BPH and prostatitis. In Russia with the advent of the machine “Araton” occurred almost a revolution in the treatment of prostate diseases, which in addition to specialists in almost nobody noticed. But it can change the lives of millions of men.Imagine a boxer who spent 100 fights and won 92. Perhaps, with this result he would become world champion. Now imagine a machine that helps men 92 of 100*, a clinical trial which was conducted in state University. Pirogov in Saint Petersburg. Who else can boast such a result? But if boxer were preparing the coach, then the machine “Araton” there are creators that are better than others will tell about its capabilities.The opinion of the specialist razrabotcikov of medical Sciences, associate Professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation Maksimov Alexander:”In developing the system, we refused hyperthermia (heating) of the prostate. Unfortunately, the heating in many cases can lead to tragic consequences.We were looking for a powerful alternative that will help any man to get maximum results without negative effects. Electrical stimulation of tissues safely and effectively affects the prostate gland. It is no secret that some manufacturers also use this progressive way. It is absolutely unclear that they promote and for what purpose. Studying their products, we came to the conclusion that developers introduce consumer confusion, using this factor as a publicity stunt”.The results of the work with the machine “Araton” exceeded all expectations. Judging by the user reviews, they have accepted this device with joy. “Araton” really helps. The creators of the unit decided to emphasize the quality of his work, introducing an additional warranty. If, in the opinion of the user, is of no benefit, he returned the money spent. But while technology assured that the results will be incredible, and diseases such as prostatitis, adenoma and other, are no longer a sentence.Experts know that electrical stimulation is the use of currents for the treatment of tissues, organs and systems. This is especially true for the nerves and muscles that have lost due to injury or illness their normal function. The machine “Araton” allows you to influence the body pulse current. As a result of this impact�� aktiviziruyutsya and begin to fall deeply located muscles surrounding the prostate. A key factor in improving lymphatic and blood circulation during electrical stimulation is the inter-electrode space, where there should be tissue. Therefore, to obtain the effect of the prostate must be placed between the electrodes that does not allow you to make the most of the devices. In this regard, the use of some devices has no effect. The current pulses do not reach the prostate, as it is not in the interelectrode space by staying away.”Ireton” works differently. So the effect was truly therapeutic, we developed a special system of electrodes, which allows smooth and precise influence on the prostate gland, returning it to its normal position. It is particularly important that to cope with the illness without leaving home, and without prying eyes.The first changes can be felt at the first procedure. The man immediately feels confidence. One of the advantages of working with the device can distinguish the deliverance from pain when urinating. The man no longer has to visit the restroom every half hour. This is especially true for night time. Also the impact of the device has a positive effect on erectile function that will return the harmony in the relationship with the woman. Amazing development, scientists from St. Petersburg have returned to the normal life of thousands of men. Happiness gained thousands of families. Take a step towards men’s health and acquire power! Please call 8 800 777 2727 and get a free consultation. Anonymously.www.ereton.likewise CONTRAINDICATIONS. YOU NEED TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.*The research Protocol No. 27/11 dated 10.10.2011. spkk fsbi “nmhts them. N. I. Pirogov”.For publicity