As overseas Russians to return home

But, speaking about the situation, would be hypocritical not to recall why it happened. After all that’s remaining abroad, residents of the Russian Federation should pandemic conditions as quickly as possible to return home, has repeatedly warned the foreign Ministry. But, judging by the accounts in social networks, listened to the recommendations, not all. Until the end of March the Russians as if nothing had happened, flew to Thailand, as proudly written on the Internet sites. And not all resting on a distant Zanzibar, in India or on the island of Fiji was in a hurry to rebook.

Photo: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji More than 40% of Russians plan to travel after the pandemic

on the Contrary, many travelers waited until the last minute, expecting that all “will resolve” and only received a TEXT message about the cancellation of the return flight, he started to fuss. But precious time was lost.

I Must admit that today are stuck abroad, mainly those who self-organized their trip. But this is not the poor people who went to see the world clearly not on the latest savings. According to the foreign Ministry, about two-thirds of Russian citizens, who today would like to fly home is located in Thailand. Including those who lived a long time in this country and wintered in it, when there was an opportunity without having to travel to Russia, visa extension. These people were convinced, as repeatedly reported in blogs that to return home they do not have. Nevertheless, genuinely indignant this bordering on egoism shortsightedness, we must admit that whatever the reasons these people stayed abroad in the midst of a pandemic, they are all Russians and, as such, entitled Rto assoiciate on state aid. Including in such vital question as a homecoming.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG Dozens of Russians in South Korea require assistance from the Embassy

the Government has already transferred the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation RUB 500 million to help citizens stranded abroad and do not have the opportunity to return to Russia. The money will send the address to those who were in distress. In his “Facebook” the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said, “We are not going to give up and take this journey together with our citizens. We are ready to work with the Commissioners for human rights of Russia and subjects of Federation to resolve humanitarian questions of the citizens. By stakeholders also will work to there its not forgotten”.

At the disposal of Operational staff refers to temporary, until Monday, the suspension of the return of the Russians. And that gives us hope that this process will resume with all the necessary epidemiological constraints. It is necessary for us all so we can continue to be proud and confident to try on the famous phrase “do not throw their Russian” spoken by General Mikhail Skobelev during the Balkan campaign of 1877-1878.


the Government has approved the assistance to Russian citizens abroad and do not have the opportunity to return to Russia because of the situation in the world with the coronavirus. For assistance they must complete on a single portal of public services in a special form. The authorities will check the veracity of the facts and circumstances of the applicant’s stay in another country. After checking in 24 hours special CommissionI Ministry of foreign Affairs approves the application or denies if false information is revealed. Citizens know about the result via SMS and via email. In the same way they will be inform about the date and time of arrival of the special flight for export to Russia. Per day per person provided material assistance in the amount of 2400 rubles for a child under 14 years – 1600 rubles per day. Funds will be transferred to the account opened in a Russian Bank.

Prepared by Vladimir Kuzmin


Aeroflot has temporarily cancelled some flights to Russia from-for falling of demand for transport in connection with the coronavirus. The carrier was offered alternative flights. Of the flights cancelled April 4.

Photo: TASS Aeroflot because of limitations of the Federal air transport Agency has canceled more than 60 flights

for Example, the number of weekly flights from Moscow to Arkhangelsk dropped from 28 to 8, in Astrakhan – from 21 to 7, in Vladivostok – from 14 to 7, in Sochi – from 77 to 32, and in St. Petersburg- from 140 to 70. Passengers of canceled flights proposed to depart from those who remained.

From 1 April to 31 may, the flights stopped, “Victory”, part of the Aeroflot group. Customers with canceled flights with departure dates from April 1 to may 31, 2020, the company promised to return the money to the account in the personal Cabinet. They can spend will be on any flight company until June 1, 2021. As explained in the Ministry of transport, the money for the tickets on “non-refundable” fares will be returned in full if the flight on domestic routes canceled by the company.

Prepared by Evgeny Chain