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Until April 16, will be organized three export flight from Bangkok. On Tuesday, the Russians stuck because of the restrictions in Thailand, will be able to go Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, on Thursday in Ufa and Kazan on the same flight
Remaining abroad, Russians are told how they will be able to return home. For this you need to tell us about yourself via the website services. Meanwhile, the Cabinet has allocated 500 million roubles to the aid of Russians stranded abroad
More than 13.4 thousand Russians taken March 27 from foreign countries in connection with the coronavirus, it took 106 Charter flights, said the Federal air transport Agency. On 28 Mar 92 scheduled Charter flight
The Domino effect, forcing States one after another to close their borders because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, has come to Thailand. The Kingdom has stopped all communication with the outside world at least until April 30
The government of Thailand, which are still freely allowed visitors, despite the outbreak of coronavirus, now close the country for exit and entry due to the emergency situation. It will come into force at midnight on March 26
A continuation of Thailand's policy of "open doors" against the Russians, against the advice of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and common sense, looks like a selfish attempt by the Kingdom to solve the economic problems at the expense of health tourists, the columnist "RG"
Thailand will not fully close the border and continue to apply restrictions in relation to the entering of the States with the highest risk of infection. However the tourists, including Russian, are not subject to these restrictions may continue to visit the country on a regular basis
In recent days the list of countries in which cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, added another five States. The number of officially registered in Russia cases COVID-19 remains unchanged from Saturday
More than a hundred protesters during riots in the North-Eastern area of new Delhi arrested by law enforcement officers. Another 35 people were killed, about two hundred injured. Discontent among the local Muslims caused the new version of the law on citizenship

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