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Ten U.S. governors on the East and West coasts of the USA have teamed up to coordinate the gradual resumption of the economy, as the crisis in the fashion industry finally began to subside
For the first time in history all 50 States introduced a state of "major disaster". This means that the damage from the incident is so serious that it requires long-term recovery programs. Expenditures from the Federal budget in this case is determined by the President
Donald trump has declared the situation a "massive disaster" in all fifty States. This is the first time in U.S. history. Currently there are confirmed about 520 thousand cases of coronavirus
Remaining abroad, Russians are told how they will be able to return home. For this you need to tell us about yourself via the website services. Meanwhile, the Cabinet has allocated 500 million roubles to the aid of Russians stranded abroad
American prisons will begin to release prisoners under house arrest due to the outbreak of coronavirus. In this first in prisons will wait for the completion of the 14-day quarantine
The third cruise ship infected with the coronavirus, including two of the victims, docked on Saturday in Florida. On Board the "Coral Princess" 1020 878 passengers and crew members. Permission for mooring the ship waited a few days
Brett crozier, the captain of the aircraft carrier USS "Theodore Roosevelt", struggling with the outbreak of coronavirus, was relieved of his command. This happened after leaking to the media a letter in which he asked the leadership of the fleet on assistance
Half the cost of the medical equipment brought from Russia to the United States, paid the Russian direct investment Fund, and the other half in Washington. This was stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
After much hesitation, the Pentagon took the unprecedented decision: to evacuate most of the crew of the USS "Theodore Roosevelt". A week ago on Board the vessel revealed the outbreak of coronavirus. However, the whole team will not be able to go ashore
The number of victims among the citizens of the United States from continuing in this country pandemic coronavirus has exceeded 5 thousand people. The number infected with the disease of U.S. citizens made up 216515 people
The aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" is no longer a full-fledged combat unit of the American Navy. Because of the coronavirus, the Pentagon decided to evacuate almost all of his crew
The number of identified cases of infection with the new coronavirus in the USA exceeded 200 thousand. For the last five days the number of infected in the country increased more than twice and the growth rate while slow down can't
The number of people killed by the coronavirus in the United States, exceeded 2500. Of these, 776 people as of Monday morning, died in new York. The number of cases exceeded 143 thousand people
Because of the pandemic of coronavirus and sharp decline in world energy prices in the United States for the first time stopped a major oil refinery. That the company North Atlantic Refining Ltd. ceases production for a period of two to five months, media reported
In the United States growing epidemic of coronavirus in the near future will be hardest hit by major urban agglomerations - Chicago, Boston, Detroit, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Such forecasts announced chief surgeon of the United States Jerome Adams
If current trends of infection COVID-19 in Los Angeles will continue, then within five days the city will be at the level of outbreaks, both in new York. This was stated by mayor Eric Garcetti
Nearly 60 percent of Americans approve of the President Donald trump to combat coronavirus. Of these, 94 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of undecided voters and only 27 percent of Democrats share this view
14 million jobs in the United States may be lost during a pandemic coronavirus in 2020 due to the rapid closure of many businesses. It is more than 10 percent of all jobs in the American private sector
Donald trump is planning to April 12 to completely abandon the fight against the disease across the state. The outrage of such a position by who as US President will have no value, as the actual opinion of other international organizations. For him it's just business and nothing personal
American individualism inherent in the care of the individual and not the public good, says the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo. Therefore, according to him, different regions are difficult to mobilize and to act cohesively as required by the pandemic
Old American Michael Barker with his wife contracted the coronavirus. After the appearance of certain symptoms they went to the hospital, only proved that to pass the text is not so simple. On how medical organizations in the US approach to persons with - in the article "WG"
Mass closure of factories and the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus will lead to an unprecedented 50 per cent fall in US GDP, experts say. The unemployment rate in the second quarter of this year will soar to 30 percent
In connection with the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 the US state Department has stopped issuing visas on a regular basis in all countries of the world. An exception is made for emergencies only. The periods of limitation remain unknown
In the United States called the pros and cons of the T-64. It was called supertanker the cold war, and admitted that T-64 is still a formidable machine
The Federal reserve expanded its program to maintain the flow of credit to households and businesses, taking measures to support the operation of mutual funds the money market. This was reported on the website of the regulator.
In the stream of information that comes about the coronavirus, sometimes difficult to understand - how has changed the life of ordinary foreigners. Whether the store shelves are empty and people are afraid to go outside? About it "RG" learned from a resident of the American city of Bellevue
Pentagon officials announced major restrictions on military members and their families around the world amid a new White house initiatives to combat coronavirus
Donald trump announced the introduction in the US of a state of emergency to combat the spread of coronavirus. Planned for the disease to $50 billion from the Fund for disaster relief
The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang suggested that the coronavirus COVID-19 in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei province) brought the us military. This is the conclusion of the diplomat came after analyzing data from the U.S.
The US has recorded more than 129 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus COVID-19, of which 11 were fatal. 10 people died in Washington state, the majority in a local nursing home
The United States introduced a ban on entry to foreigners who visited Iran in last 14 days. Measures related to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. American citizens are not recommended to visit parts of Italy and South Korea
Proposed by the President of the United States Donald trump's "deal of the century" in its current form is unlikely to bring the prospect of achieving a lasting middle East settlement. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov
American experts have called the problem that will impede the actions of NATO tanks in the event of a military conflict with Russia in Eastern Europe. It is associated with the weight of Western art

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