My second week as a Corona-Single-alone in the house. The wardrobe is cleaned out, the Windows cleaned, the spice drawer sorted, all the shelves are wiped out. With my series I am, the book is read and the new Album of my favorite band’s so often up and down, I can hear it now.

The nails are done, eyebrows plucked, legs waxed. Cough and runny nose long since decayed. What now?

Boring to me is not so quickly. Distraction against domestic monotony, there is in these days, always and everywhere. Free digital Zeitungsabos, Podcasts, reading recommendations, series, tips, Work-Out Videos, virtual theatre performances, living-room concerts in the Live Stream, I could even go to the Museum.

recreational activities without end. But, just as in real life, it makes me alone only limited fun. At some point I’ve had enough, and the self-determination feels only for self-entertainment.

alone Together

responding to The streaming services have for a long time, with Netflix Party, you can invite friends to watch the new series together. Each on his Couch, with a chat function to comment on what they have Seen each other. And yet, a crucial missing something: Where is the ceiling klauer, the chip bag raschler, the smacking noise polluter, the losprustet always in the wrong Places?

thanks to Zoom, Skype, and Whereby I can forge with my friends after dinner, drinking wine, and plans for the time after Corona. We chat, laugh, toast and waving to us. Everything as always? You might think. But there are other days. Yesterday, I did not want to get up in the first place. What difference does it make?

Who cares if I sleep suit instead of a Blazer wearing, only to get up to do other business, and me, otherwise the whole day in bed, bury? “Put solid hours in the home office. They Create Routines.” Yeah, I know the tips and now I’m so matter-of-factly, that every day is the same feels – I’ve had a shower today or was that yesterday??

I know the experts advice, and I can normally work quite well, but the worse the job situation gets, the less I feel part of something, the more pointless the Whole thing seems to me to be. Who cares if I answer emails, sleep or hours in front of me hinstarre?

But love, Singles, Single, living Alone, working Alone, to all the Compassionate out there – it may be that we may feel just a bit lonely, but we are not alone!

And as our Chancellor said: “We are a community in which every life and every person counts.”

This helps, and if this time is good for nothing, then, but, let’s pause for a moment and ask yourself what really matters: what are the people I want to surround me, for whom I would like to have the time, what I would like to fill my time, what it is now? And by that I mean, his Ex-boyfriend to call (not a good idea, believe me).


Instead of asking me what I can’t do everything, I try to make better the stay of what is possible. Naked through the apartment to dance, for example, me alone, drunk, or under pants for Breakfast (granted, I can also do this in front of Corona, but what you had earlier than-and-go interpreted, is now totally okay).

I removed the habit to place things in different places in my apartment, as far as possible, so I can get a day on as many steps as possible. This measure has proven to be too annoying, I’ll go for a walk rather once a day and try the now also experienced orders at my trunk Pizzeria #support your local dealer a bit to compensate.

in addition, I can help and support people that were just really hard to come by. My elderly neighbor with the groceries, in-kind and clothing donations on the slopes of the gifts of the fence, my friend, need to beware with two sick kids, the house, a couple of vitamins in front of the door, the panel support and, and, and… there is much to do.

So now I have to quickly take a shower, later I will have a Skype-Date (more on that soon). So I say goodbye for today, stay healthy and positive, and remember: #stayhome, #staysafe, #staypositive, and don’t forget to wash.

This article written was by Kathi Killmann country doctor Jana works 15 hours a day: Now you must separate patients rigorously PCP country doctor Jana works 15 hours a day: Now you must separate patients rigorously Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map shows the spread of the disease

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