20 of the capital’s hospitals, redeveloped this spring under the patients from COVID-19, returned to planned work. Doctors have managed to spend seven thousand surgeries, and hospitalization in clinics takes place with strict observance of all norms and epidemiological safety. Doctors of Moscow hospital told as clinics go back to the usual mode and what has changed in work of doctors.

In April, the building № 6 of the city clinical hospital named after S. I. Spasokukotskogo was redeveloped for new challenges after redevelopment and renovation here sees patients with coronavirus infection.

After reducing the number of new cases COVID-19, which register for the day, GSC name Spasokukotskogo began to return to the planned work. The latest patients with this diagnosis left the hospital on 8 July.

the Number of beds for patients with coronavirus reduced gradually. First, the planned work is back, the 4th and 5th building that houses surgical, urological, gynaecological and ENT departments. They have been working for two weeks, during this time there have been more than 75 scheduled operations. From July 15 opened Department of oncourology, it is expected that in a few days to work and back last, 6-th building, which will open cardiological, neurological (including for patients with acute violation of cerebral circulation) and the internal medicine Department.

However, the transition to normal operation is not enough just to write the recovered and to conduct a General cleaning.

Reverse the conversion of the hospital is approximately two weeks after the last discharge of the patient from COVID-19.

the head Physician of hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo — on care for patients with COVID-19

��all patients received the planned treatment in a hospital, you first get into the observation Department. It exists in isolation: staff enter it through the gateway, as in the “red” zone. The staff working here in the means of individual protection, special suits, respirators and glasses and do not visit other departments of the hospital.

“We will test patients for antibodies, as well as taking swabs for COVID-19. According to the testimony of do a CT scan of the chest to exclude viral pneumonia. The average time spent at the observation office is two or three days,” says Alexei Pogonin.

Much has changed in the internal rules of the hospital. Relatives can’t visit the sick, patients are not permitted to leave the chamber and go outside. Food spread around the wards and canteens in offices do not work. Also between the beds increased distances: four-bed wards, for example, are now found in two patients.

All the medical staff still once a week for laboratory tests for COVID-19. Staff and patients regularly measure their temperature, their urge to tell you if someone of your friends or family members sick with coronavirus.

If hospitalization is planned was postponed due to the pandemic, to a new direction in the clinic is not necessary.

“Those patients who were on our plan, we now ring up and co-ordinate the appointment of the specialist in a consultative and diagnostic center approved by the duration of hospitalization as quickly as possible to help them. All necessary additional research and analyses we conduct at the hospital,” says Alexey Pogonin.

City clinical hospital named VP Demikhova currently treats patients not only for planned hospitalization, but in cases of emergency. The admitting physician may examine arrived by ambulance for symptoms of coronavirus infection, and takes the required tests. Rapid tests antibody result within several hours. Doctors also closely monitor the status of patients who already are on treatment.

Observation Department has 40 beds, it is staffed by doctors of all specialties: surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, neurologists and others. Way��, the patient receives all necessary assistance, as in the relevant Department.

Irina Rodyukova stresses in case of emergency situation and critical condition of the patient due to the possible presence of coronavirus infection with an operation delay, no one will.

the Hospital is named VP Demikhova beginning to work a new rhythm in early spring. March 13 on-site was deployed, the center for the treatment of pneumonia at 417 beds, taking patients with community-acquired pneumonia. First, here studies and relieved those who were diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia and patients with COVID-19 were sent to other institutions.

on April 9, earned a full-fledged hospital, which at the end of the month was completely redeveloped and opened as the COVID center at full capacity — 1027 beds. During the work through the hospital were about 5.5 thousand patients with coronavirus infection.

the decline of the incidence of novel coronavirus infection hospital named VP Demikhova gradually returns to normal operation since the beginning of June. June 11, after complete disinfection in all buildings of the hospital and the medical staff at COVID-19, the clinic received its first patients.

the New era has brought about changes in the routine work of physicians. For example, often carried out cleaning and processing of medical equipment. The preservation of the new rules in the work of physicians and strict adherence to preventive measures will help to prevent the further spread of a new coronavirus infection.