Before the Corona belonged to my wife and I to the happy couples, the fight rarely and nevertheless (or straight therefore?) a lot of good Sex. Even only with each other! Then the Virus and the crisis came. Social Distancing and Stay at Home! And after HomeSchooling, home office, home cooking, home yoga and home something caught us now regularly home fighting! About the author

Gregory Haake is one of the (still) rare specimens of men who forego a career to manage as a full-time father to children and the household – in his case, son Ben and daughter Mathilda. Wife Ulrike Zeitlinger-Haake, editor-in-chief development & Innovation, the IMAGE group, is the Provider of the family. Haake has studied political science and worked as a Journalist and Digital Manager for FOCUS magazine and the Financial Times Germany, AP and ddp activities. Today, he is a Chauffeur, chef, shopper, homework tutor, story reader, tears drying and the world’s best “Bolognese without a morsel” cooking.

In the home Included, we are Arguing in record time, Super-champion of the world in, Rant, and Pout become! Also no one else there, the time, a proper “You make me can throw crazy” in the head. Like all your Girlfriends, the wife of a accompanying appearance of the Corona is Packed-crisis: the nest plaster/reorganised documentation/cleanup/Umräum/ sort – and-order madness!

No drawer is safe from it. The bookshelf is now sorted according to the colors of the Book spines – which although looks pretty, but totally impractical. My socks are sorted by color gradient, the spices in alphabetical order – and I swear, I’ve been watching you for how you categorized Schleich and stuffed animals to the children, and according to size and Habitat, sorted has.

children lay waste to get tired of the apartment

The children in turn take the note and lay waste to get tired of the apartment – what my wife is doing even more crazy. My balancing “You don’t have to be put away but that is but anyway, be right back”, fills me with a look that would make even ice Queen Elsa freeze. I can feel him even through the grill book I’ve been hiding, in order not to be on kitchen duty called. Book recommendation (display)

“Daddy Cool” by Gregor Haake

To the book at Amazon

My Social Distancing contribution will be Asian marinated spare ribs. The beats clean it up all. If you already Stay at Home, then with taste! The wife rolls her eyes and points to their “Beyond Meat”- burgers in the freezer.

Since Corona the sparks fly with us more often. Unfortunately, not erotic. When all back together, is the privacy in the family’s past. Finally, at any time and anywhere, popping up a child. Are now always there. And your sleeping rhythms are completely messed up. But okay, it doesn’t have to be the Five-course menu. In times like these, it’s Fast Food. We are perfecting the art of Corona-Quickies – fast, effective, and guaranteed to be hassle free.

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ears on threading, look at the top wide

And that is a good thing. At least not there. Because we reach the maximum level of escalation on the open-armed scale in these days already in the small stuff: Straight the sky was still cloudy, my wife wants to grab a yogurt from the fridge and suddenly going to have spied it! You eyes looking sternly at the cooling fan and teaches then about my supposedly non-existent placement logic.

Followed by a lecture about how one (i.e. me!) Fruit and meat could be more effective sorting. The cheese should not slip backwards, because you will forget it there and then, and only discover when the mold cover five inches high was. Your stupid bananas should not be directly next to the Apples, because they would then quickly dark and, anyway, not into the cooling compartment module.

If you would not wear when you Complain about this tight T-Shirt, I swear to God, I would freak. So, ears on threading, look at the bust. Thoughts on the next Quickie. Preferably directly on the kitchen counter.


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