Argentine animal Park told how the inhabitants carry quarantine

BUENOS AIRES, APR 21 – RIA Novosti. Quarantine imposed in many countries because of the coronavirus, is a big test for many, but for the staff of the parks and animal rescue centres is the real challenge, said Vice-President of the Foundation Mundo Marino (Sea world) Andrea Cabrera.

Mundo Marino is a animal rescue centre, and the largest in Argentina educational Park, where adults and children can learn a lot about the sea and wild animals being in close contact with them. The Park conducts presentations with sea lions, dolphins and orca, some animals can be fed with it, live in it a variety of birds, small Safari, during which you can see a variety of herbivores.

Cabrera told RIA Novosti that due to quarantine staff now work in teams to limit human contact with each other, but at the same time, to ensure the normal life of animals – and cooking, and caring for their places of residence, and veterinary services.

Employees also rely on various exercises, play to keep them in good shape. It is important each time to disrupt the routine that the animals felt that all days are different, to not get bored. According to Cabrera, the inhabitants of the Park do not experience stress or depression because of the quarantine.

there are no Also problems with the supply of food for animals. Each day for marine Pets is prepared 400-500 kg of fish. If used to feed, for example, the Navy seals, helped visitors, but now the work is completely laid down on shoulders of employees of the Park. And for herbivores monthly imported several tonnes of maize, oats and other products.

the inhabitants of the Park are animals that have been rescued by the man. Some of them may return back to your natural world – they are treated, cared for and prepared for the return of the staff of the center for rescue of animals. Someone, alas, will not be able to leave the Park because it will not survive in the wild. Now the center is home to several penguins, other birds, a very young elephant.

Previously, the center employees have taken a lot of calls about that on the shore was seen the penguins, turtles and seals that need help. Mostly it was about the animals affected by the oil spill or plastic, which is a large amount is in the ocean. In all cases, workers visited the site, evaluated the condition of the animals. But now the situation has changed dramatically.

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