a Vladimir Zelensky said about the reluctance of Vladimir Putin to discuss the “Crimean question”, but acknowledged the need to continue negotiations with Russia. At a press conference on the occasion of the anniversary of his inauguration, the President also did not rule out his second term, spoke about the situation with the Donbas and explained some of his controversial decisions.

About the negotiations with Russia and Crimea

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky 20 may gave a press conference on the occasion of the anniversary of his inauguration. In the course of communication with the press, it was repeatedly asked about the interaction with the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, in particular, why would he need a meeting with the Russian leader. The President explained that a number of issues need to be discussed one on one.

“There are some things you can understand only when you’re alone. There are some answers that you may want to hear only when you’re alone, to make absolute conclusions already,” said Zelensky.

With the President of Russia it is necessary to talk and negotiate, I’m sure the Ukrainian leader, including on issues related to the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. New meetings with Putin in the near future is expected, although Ukraine is not going to remove from the agenda the return of their territories, said Zelensky.

“When I had the meeting with [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel, she raised the issue of the Crimea, and the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron]. And honestly — I said this to Putin — I feel that Russia certainly does not want to discuss this issue”, — concluded the President of Ukraine, adding that without the “return” of the Crimea, Western countries will not lift sanctions against Moscow.

About the second presidential term

During the press conference the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he is not enough one presidential term to fulfil all promises. According to him, he will think of the second Cadenza, although during the last election campaign promised to use only one.

“I’m going for one term, as he said. I see that the work is hard, no “thank you” will not say… But if there is a big support of the people of Ukraine, I will be able to think about it (about the second term. — “Газета.Ru”),” said Zelensky.

According to him, at present, would vote for him 40% to 50% of Ukrainian voters and, in the case of reaching the second round this figure could rise to 75%.

“I think it’s a response to how people treat me,” explained Zelensky.

About the conflict in the Donbass

The Ukrainian leader acknowledged that the pandemic had a negative impact on the situation in the country, forcing the authorities to throw all forces on struggle with its consequences. The epidemic has hit the world, which affected negotiations on the conflict settlement in the Donbass.

Per hourparticularly, the pandemic prevented the “Normandy summit” in Berlin, said Zelensky, but expressed confidence that the negotiations will be held with the improvement of the situation in the world.

Speaking about the changes in the Donbass for the year, the President noted the successful exchanges of prisoners, but reiterated the problems with the violation of the fire and the lack of new sites for the breeding effort.

“the Year I gave that we will fight [for the preservation of the Minsk format]. Because of the coronavirus give myself a few months to load this diplomatic format”, — said Zelensky.

Kiev has plans “B” and “C” to resolve the situation, said the President of Ukraine, although, in General, the country is ready to work in any format to “the end of the war and the return of their territories.”

About the language question

One of the journalists asked Zelensky on the state language law, which infringes on the rights of national minorities in Ukraine on the background of the “exclusivity language society”.

In response, the Ukrainian leader said that no language question in the country, and it was created artificially.

“Justice must be for all. We have many national minorities, for many native language is not Ukrainian. But I think that they should know the Ukrainian language, it’s okay,” said Zelensky.

According to him, if people want to speak Russian, they can use it. Regarding the penalties for the use of the Russian language in the media, Zelensky has promised to review the issue of quotas.

Thus on specifying question of a possible revision of the controversial bill President did not answer, he also ignored the question of prohibition to the Russian media in Ukraine.

About the Kum and friends in government

During a press conference Zelensky also asked why he appoints his friends and associates to high positions, although during the election campaign actively criticized such practices as his predecessor, Petro Poroshenko.

“not one friend or another army I didn’t. I promised that power will come from other people,” — said the President of Ukraine, citing the example of attorney General Irina Venediktova.

Ukrainian authorities are faced with a “human hunger,” said Zelensky hard to find people who are both professionals, clean from corruption and those whom he could trust.

“I can’t [pick up] the Minister of culture, Minister of education, and energy. Whoever we get — media write: “this man [Rinat] Akhmetov [Igor] Kolomoisky, [Viktor] Pinchuk,” he said.

About the crimes of Poroshenko

Journalists more than once during communication with Zelensky pointed to certain similarities of his policies with the actions of predecessor of Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian leader was not ACCOEN. According to him, he differs from former President of Ukraine.

“I am an honest decent man who’s really hurting this country. I may, indeed, not so well communicate in the Ukrainian language, as Poroshenko. But I am what I am, I respect this country, respect the citizens of Ukraine, the Ukrainian language, respect everyone, and that’s the way I work,” said Zelensky.

He also added that his campaign promises about the sentence for Poroshenko in power, the former President will find a lot of “different adventures and different sentences”.

In particular, Zelensky recalled the publication of records of conversations with Poroshenko, a former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden about corruption schemes.

“This is not the last call, which will be Ukrainians. Should respond the Prosecutor’s office, law enforcement agencies”, — noted the President, adding that this case can be classified as treason.

About the pandemic

Answering a question of journalists about the government’s plan to exit from quarantine, the President of Ukraine noted that recently the situation is improving, which allows “moving” stages of lifting restrictions.

A new stage will start from may 22, when they eased transport restrictions and from next week can re-open kindergartens.

“We don’t print money. We are not USA, although the statistics we have better,” added Zelensky, speaking about helping people in the framework of a pandemic.

According to him, to help population, the government puts pressure on the banking system for the advent of Ukraine loans with a small interest rate. In addition, at the end of the epidemic at the regional level, planned a major reshuffle.

“This infection shows us, what diseases there are in the government. Immediately after COVID-19 will be drastic steps, but now it is impossible to do”, — summarized Zelensky.