Police in Paris, France have cordoned off an area around the iconic Arc de Triomphe monument after a bomb alert. Metro lines in the area are also being evacuated.

Law enforcement officers are currently clearing the area, after finding a bag “likely to contain explosives” was found on the nearby Champ de Mars, French media reported.

Un colis suspect est à l’origine de l’alerte.

Alerte à la bombe à l’Arc de Triomphe

There is no Metro service at the Charles de Gaulle station, while road traffic has been halted on the Etoile roundabout and part of the Champs-Élysées.

Alerte à bombe à l’#ArcdeTriomphe, le secteur a été évacué par la police, aucun véhicule ne peut accéder au rond-point de l’Étoile. Trafic très perturbé autour. #champselysees#paris#paris8

French authorities have been on high alert for terrorist threats since October 16, when teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by an Islamist militant in a suburb of Paris. In its wake, the government has declared the attack a strike against the values of the Republic and cracked down on “extremist” Muslim organizations.