Studio Di Caprio concluded with Apple the contract on joint production of films and TV shows for Apple TV+. The transaction amount was not disclosed.Leonardo Di Caprio manages Appian Way, along with producer Jennifer Davison. In development are two projects. One of them is the creation of a Thriller-Western “the Killer flower of the moon” directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the lead roles — Apple has already invested $200 million Film released streaming service Apple TV+, an international distributor will act as Paramount. The plot is based on real events that occurred in the 1920-ies of the last century, and devoted to the investigation of murders in an Indian village, where the discovery of oil. In addition, there are shooting the series “Shining girl” with the participation of Elisabeth moss, in which Apple are also involved (they got the rights to “the Shining Girls” last year after the contest).Team Appian Way is also working with Disney+, preparing them for the remake of the film in 1983, “Guys thing.” Before that Appian Way has worked with Warner Bros. and was involved in the production of such successful films as “shutter Island” and “the Wolf of wall Street”.Earlier, the Appian Way was a three-year contract with Paramount Pictures and before that with Warner Bros. As for television projects, the company has DiCaprio not have had such contracts.Leonardo DiCaprio is not the only star actor and producer, signed a contract with Apple. In June, agreement with a streaming service, the company concluded Oprah Winfrey, Alfonso cuarón and Idris Elba.