Andrey, we go to the amendment – it means that the disease is finally gone?

Andrei Vorobyov: unfortunately, it hasn’t gone anywhere and is still looming on the horizon. But most importantly, the vast majority of residents of the region understand that it is important to do everything not to go back, and for that everyone needs to protect themselves and loved ones. If not – and especially if you do not care about older people, about parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, misery will return. This is the message we tried to convey to all, and I think we succeeded.

speaking about the figures, for the entire period of diagnosis COVID-19 was confirmed almost 50 thousand people. 16.5 thousand of recovered, 678 – died. And we will never tire of repeating: thanks to the doctors, they are the real heroes. Only thanks to their efforts, dedication, sometimes 12-hour shifts the spread of the disease has been contained.

At the time of a pandemic, you had doctors from other regions. Some of them decided to stay and work in the suburbs?

Andrei Vorobyov: We try to be very attentive to all doctors and to those who have worked before and those who arrived during a pandemic. During this time, came to us about 200 doctors from Moscow and Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl. I asked chief physicians of hospitals to pay attention to each, to talk about what we can do to help, what conditions are necessary.

If you stay all we will be happy. While the desire to continue working in the Moscow region, said 25 physicians. A little, but everyone has their own life plans – someone’s elderly parents remained in the region, someone who loves his homeland and wants to achieve recognition there.

I also Want to thank the leaders of the regions where we arrived the doctors, that helped, came into our complex situation and did not introduce any ridiculous restrictions.

Patients becomes smaller and the area begins to collapse infectious beds. What about the ventilators that were purchased under a pandemic? Certainly in such numbers, they don’t need.

Andrei Vorobyov: No, we all need. The suburbs – the second largest region in the country, and we have previously calculated, so that then the ventilator can be used in intensive care units. Moreover, we additionally purchased 15 of mobile devices for computer tomography and buy 10 stationary. All of this equipment and beds, the oxygen system will be useful for new, higher-quality medical services in the suburbs.

We are reducing infectious bunk, but keep your eyes open. The reserve remains about 14 thousand beds, including 963 from a ventilator. This is the case of the deterioration of the epidemiological situation or a possible second wave VI��mustache, which some experts predict.

In Moscow say that a mask mode may be delayed until the autumn. And that in the suburbs?

Andrei Vorobyov: I do think that the masks will become part of our culture and the element of the wardrobe as napkins, tie or handkerchief. World practice shows that in the subway, in those places where the space is small, better mask to wear. Not only for protection from coronavirus, and in order not to catch any infection. Of course, there are those who are 100% confident in their health. I, for example, as a student, in the winter went without a hat. We have in Krasnoyarsk there was a fashion, thereby showing each other how cool we are and healthy. However, my mother told me that this is not a demonstration of health, and the lack of something else. Similarly with masks – they are better to wear, safer.

more than Two months we all lived in isolation, in fact – on the Internet. It’s like something has pushed the development of e-services field?

Andrei Vorobyov: Moscow region – the leader of the digitization. The President, who was in the center of the control region and actively supported the introduction of figures in the administration of the state, always reminds us that the power needs to be comfortable for those who accesses it. A figure is not just a convenience, it saves time, effort, and money. First of all, during the regime of isolation, we launched online medical consultations for patients who are treated for the coronavirus in the house, and also for the residents quarantined. To preserve the health of future mothers and babies, has opened telemedicine consultations for pregnant women.

In the period of the pandemic, especially difficult it was for business. To make life easier for those who rent premises, a request for a reprieve on the rent taken in electronic form. We also moved to a new format of control and supervision – for example, when issuing a license to sell alcohol check is conducted with the use of audio, photos and video recording. Good practice saves a lot of effort – and, most likely, we will implement it on a permanent basis.

And yet, we launched a new system in Yandex.Maps. This is the index of the observance of sanitary regime at the construction sites of the Moscow region. This unique service in Russia yet. With his help and the residents and leaders of local authorities can ensure compliance with rules COVID security in the construction of its municipality.

Why is such a development of digital systems, the region will not take part in electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution?

Andrei Vorobyov: Voting on amendments to the Constitution – a historic event. The amendments will strengthen the integrity of our country and social security of the civil��B. it is Important that all went smoothly. Technically we to electronic voting completely ready. But e-voting system is new, it only was tested. Therefore, the experts decided to test it on two regions in which the total number of voters does not exceed 10 million. It is clear that Moscow and the Moscow region together under this criterion are not suitable. We are not proponents to experiment, especially in such an important moment. That is, I’m not sure – do not overtake. All the time, it is obvious that we ever will be such a system.

Many experts believe that life after a pandemic, the former is not. How, in your opinion, will change the economy of the suburbs?

Andrei Vorobyov: Will not be easy. The scars on the economy remain. Our task first of all to pay attention and care about the businesses, where a lot of people. Of course, not missing a tax, but it is important to support the people.

Although there are some industries that even in such conditions show an increase. For example, online trade. Now, every fourth purchase in the suburbs is through the Internet. It is convenient and safe. If at the end of March, the daily turnover of all operators of e-Commerce in the Moscow region amounted to 129 million rubles, in the beginning of June – already 1,7 billion. Growth, as you can see, 10 times. And some days, this figure reached 3 billion rubles. Another 60% over the months has grown the retail food trade. By the beginning of the lifting of restrictions, turnover amounted to 3.3 billion rubles. According to this indicator, we are even ahead of Moscow. That, however, is clear – the period of isolation, many residents of the capital held outside the city.

You are called estimated costs that the Moscow region has suffered in the fight against COVID-19 – 40 billion rubles. When such costs will have to sequester some expenditure. What?

Andrei Vorobyov: the Budget of the Moscow region and many other regions, is now experiencing tremendous pressure. The cost of medical expenses, social support has considerably increased and revenues fell. According to our estimates, this year the regional Treasury could be short of about 133 billion rubles. And even despite the significant Federal assistance, we will have to cancel some programs and projects.

People worry about, social spending sequester we definitely will not. All support measures, payments, benefits residents receive in full. On what we save? For expensive projects, capital investments that can be transferred at a later date. Perhaps in landscaping or road construction will adjust work schedules, some facilities surrender later, but without loss of quality. Also reduce the volume of public procurement. Our challenge now is read��to achieve a balanced budget, to maintain stability for further development.

Very worried defrauded real estate investors. I am afraid that the solution to their problems no money left…

Andrei Vorobyov: to Provide housing for people who lost money and literally left on the street is a social task. As already mentioned, these articles will not shrink. We have a plan for 2020 is to hand over the keys 15 500 defrauded investors, and we are following. Half of them, specifically 7751 people, the keys have already received.

Now we are working on the most problematic homes where no investor. We have 504 of these at home. All sent the petition to the Supervisory Council of the Federal Foundation for the protection of the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction. He will make a decision on what homes to return to shareholders money, and for some to finish the objects. Where will return, will deal with the issue of the Federal Fund. And construction is our prerogative. This year, the Federal Fund is ready to examine about 180 suburban homes. We are at the level budgeted 3 billion rubles for the problem protracted. It is important that all shareholders understand that because of the crisis, the question no one is going to be postponed.

how garbage reform?

Andrei Vorobyov: 8 of the 12 complexes for the recycling of the open and gaining strength. Thanks to the support of the President, 7 years ago we were able to start systematic work for the closure of municipal landfills. Additional acceleration gave a “direct line”. Do you remember when Balashikha “Kuchino” closed? To put it mildly, it was a good catalyst that forced us to mobilize.

From 1 January 2021 urban landfills in the Moscow region will be no more. The topic is closed. Polygons that were in Serpukhov, Mozhaisk, Chekhov, Pushkin district – all now rekultiviruemye. That is not just put a padlock on the gate, and a large budget, and polygons are seeded with grass, there are installed degasification systems. Recycling is becoming a serious industry. For us it is fantastic, and some countries have already purchase the waste to energy and recovered materials. And I am sure that the granules of the useful waste, which can produce our KPO, will also have some export potential. So then there is already construction of plants for deep processing of glass, PET, metal, all that will be gold.

Since the beginning of summer in the suburbs, begins a series of days. Maybe, given the financial situation and the epidemiological situation should cancel such holidays?

Andrei Vorobyov: Everyone understands that now is not the time for events. Holidays that fall on the first half of summer will be cancelled. And then make a decision based on�� epidemiological situation. If we are sure that it is safe for residents – will definitely do. And regardless of the circumstances you should try to establish in every town a festive mood worthy of all possible, to landscape. People have already been through enough and did a lot to cope with the coronavirus. You need to support them, to create a positive, joyful atmosphere. Positive emotions – this is what we now especially need.

whether Moscow region to conduct its activities on 24 June?

Andrei Vorobyov: Yes, definitely. Moscow region can not ignore such an event as the 75th anniversary of the Victory Parade. The Central streets of the cities are festively decorated to commemorate the legendary Parade of 1945. In settlements where historically are military units in our cities of military glory and valor will be festive parades “Victory March”. They will be involved military bands, military vehicles, creative teams. All arrangements are subject to the new safety standards. Everything will be organized so that spectators could disperse at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other. We will make sure we all have fond memories of this festive day.

What will be this year’s summer Wellness campaign?

Andrei Vorobyov: it is Clear that the summer campaign before July 1 will not start. This requires that the CPS gave the go-ahead for the opening of the camps. We will think what to do with it, now create the registry associations for children. And, most likely, this year campaign will not go beyond the border region, that is, budget trips to other regions will not. In the camps this summer, should have a special safety rules.

the Borders are still closed, and the experts make the assumption that the flow of tourists this summer will be redistributed, including to the side of the suburbs. Your forecast for the tourist season?

Andrei Vorobyov: I do Not think that the inhabitants of our great country worth much to worry about temporarily closed borders. We have their places to rest enough. According to our forecasts, in Moscow suburbs in the summer season, the tourist flow may grow by 10-15%. We are preparing for season, do everything to provide conditions both in service and in parts of sanitary rules. No matter whether you go to a hotel, fishing, collect mushrooms, or send their children to summer camp – everything has to be safe and comfortable to want to come back.

And finally, a seasonal question. Two weeks of rain – and individual municipalities of the region in the literal sense of the word sailed. People really were cut off by water from civilization. Once the region was conquered fire, Obvodny peat. What you need to do now, hto win the water?

Andrei Vorobyov: Spring this year is not a gift. And so people struggle a lot, and then there’s a record rain. The impact of elements occurred in 18 urban districts. Particularly affected the private sector, country files. Causes of flooding are different. Somewhere out of the river banks, where it was out of the storm drains or just were not designed for such a powerful flow of water. I gave the command block housing together with the road builders and municipal authorities to take steps to even record rainfall in the subsequent not much added problems.

From June 15 to pay the fare in public transport unlocked social cards of the Moscow region. People over 65 years of age and those who have disabilities due to chronic diseases, can pay the fare to your social map. Public transport goes on a regular, weekday operation – prior to this, due to the lack of passenger traffic many of the flights are worked on a schedule of the day.

the mode of isolation for the elderly and citizens with chronic diseases persists. These categories of citizens still advised not to visit unless absolutely necessary for public places.

Also since June 15 in Moscow resumed the routine work of the state dental clinics. To enroll for an appointment through the website services or telephone number for the duration of the restrictive measures obviously learned all the inhabitants of the region: 8(800)550-50-30. Work dental surgeries will be carried out in accordance with sanitary requirements at the entrance of the patient will measure the temperature after each visitor to the premises will be treated with disinfectant. Come to the clinic only in a mask and gloves. All these rules apply in ordinary clinics, which are also returned to planned mode of operation.

Resumed the admission to educational organizations and demonstration exams in colleges. Started working museums, photo studios, driving schools, employment agencies and recruiting organizations carrying out operations with real estate. Centres, re-opened the record on the portal of public services – to enroll in the DCP was only possible by phone. We started rehearsing in the suburban theatres, though they still remain closed to spectators.

But shopping centres in the suburbs has not opened yet. Their podkarantinnoy resuming delayed until June 25. Moscow authorities explain this by the recommendations of the chief sanitary doctor. So before the opening of the shopping centres will have to wait another 10 days, and yet operate in the region only trading platform with a separate entrance, in area not exceeding 400 square��’s meters. But already opened the summer veranda at stationary food service establishments, where you can sit with family and friends outdoors.