Also “the Mask” was the best entertainment the Muscovites in the audience “14-44” (a share of 26.9%, a rating of 5,9%), “18-30” (share of 27.3%, ranking 3.8%) and “14-59” (share of 27.4%, a rating of 7.7%). Do not be afraid of numbers – they are just a proof that the success of the show “rolls over”, it passed, so to speak, at the television house, and on these figures a long time will be the other.

In the ninth – the final edition of the mask was torn from the four finalists: under the guise of a Parrot hid the soloist of group “Vintage” Anna Pletnev, under the mask of the Deer – people’s artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, and under the mask of the Wolf – the ex-soloist of group “Cream” Karina Cox. The winner of the most popular shows of Russia became a lion. This mask during the shows wore the singer Anatoliy Tsoy (TSOY).

For two months viewers watched the fate of twelve masks. The intrigue of the show and at us, and abroad is that they want to solve – who is under the mask, covering the performer from head to toe. The leads Vadim takmenev suit Chameleon declassified first. Next was Stas Kostyushkin under the mask of ice cream, but the “China shop” version of the jury blew Alexei Glyzin in the Elephant costume. When he unveiled the Robot, nobody believe his eyes. It was Oksana Fedorova, who takes voice lessons. Once managed to unravel Lena Katina in the costume of the Spider, the jury was surprised by the Cloud – they’re not even suggested that it could be Svetlana Masterkova. Then “split” the Egg in the mask which was Anton lirnyk, and the touching love story of a Panda – Vlad Topalov – and a jury member Regina Todorenko, the spectators watched with particular affection.

However, defeated a lion. From the very first issue, when the “king of beasts” went on stage and performed the song Chandelier, the jury members were only rave reviews. And then – every performance of the Lion with the greater force conquered Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Garik Martirosyan, Regina Todorenko and Timur Rodriguez. By the way, Timur was the first to suggest that under the mask of a Lion hiding Anatoliy Tsoy. And he was right.

“I feel incredible happiness, because for me it is not just a victory, it is a new way to success. I think I’ll remember it for life. Of course, my victory is a team effort. Editors who picked the music Directors and choreographers that put the numbers of such productions I have never seen, even on foreign shows. This is epic. I can say that I made the effort, and so it was, every time I squeezed all the juices. I did not spare itself, and all the time devoted to the project, and a lot of time out would seem beyond impossible. First and foremost, the project has opened my eyes to myself, and it’s pretty cool,” shared the thrill of victory Anatoliy Tsoy.

And here’s what he said about his partiesthe AI in the show Larisa Dolina: “By nature I’m adventurous, so participating in this show for me – a bright adventure! I didn’t even think that we are in the mask of the Deer, I just did what they liked, learned, experimented, sing that never sang. I mask in some degree helped. Everyone says that the mask is hard to wear but you forget about it when you get on the scene.”