Announced the finalists for the childrens Voices

Announced the finalists for the seventh season of the musical show “the Voice.Children.” They were Kirill Alexandrov, Artem Fokin and Ivan Kurgalin stage of the competition took place live on Friday, April 17. This entry was posted on the website of the First channel.

during the so-called “Extra stage” participants that fail then at the end of the round, “Song for a departure”, got the chance to be in the final. The result was determined by the audience through the use of advanced after the scandal in the sixth season of the system of SMS voting. It is noted that because of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the competition was banned handshakes and hugs, all the premises disinfected, as participants had to pass a test to COVID-19.

Of the wards of Valery Meladze Sofia fought Batamenak, Kirill Alexandrov and Sophia Fomenko. Aleksandrov scored almost 60 percent of the votes and reached the final. Then the scene fought in turn the participants from the team of Polina Gagarina: Taisiya skomorokhova, Artem Fokin and Barbara Gluhova. Fokin performed “Opera No. 2”, which is known performed by Russian singer Vitas. He won the team Gagarina, gaining more than 50 percent of the votes. Completed the stage, the team members Basta — Elizabeth Smetannikova, Anna Prokopenko, and Ivan Kurgalin. Kurgalin reached the final after the execution of the track of Dima Bilan “On the shore of the sky”.

the Finale of the seventh season will take place on Friday, April 24.

After summing up the sixth season of “the Voice. Children” there was a scandal with the daughter of the singer Alsou Abramova Micelli. She scored 56.5 per cent of the votes and was originally recognized as the winner. However, the audience felt that the voting is rigged.

After the inspection was an established fact of cheating votes in favor Abramova. TEXT wrapping was conducted with about 300 phone numbers belonging to the operator and use one rate. When voting by telephone was also used bots. The First channel cancelled the results of voting and awarded the victory to all the finalists, including Abramov. They were awarded one million rubles, and Universal Music expressed his willingness to record songs for young musicians. Also after the scandal First channel changed the voting mechanism for participants.