Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova

last week, the 28-year-old Latvian basketball player Janis timma made a proposal of marriage to his 37-year-old sweetheart Anna Sedokova. It happened during a walk on a snow-white yacht in Miami, where the couple now spend their holidays. Shortly before that Anna and Janis flew to the US, they managed to give an interview for the YouTube show of Svetlana Bondarchuk “Light around the world”.

In this interview, Anna, who has no idea that very soon will be the bride, told about his first meeting with Janis and trusting relationships, and raised important today in society the topic of feminism and domestic violence. SPLETNIK.RU collected the most interesting quotes from this interview.

Anna about her meeting with Yannis

When we met, I saw a tall, handsome man, but then a long build of a absolutely not interested in the person. Then all of a sudden: he wrote to me, and I wrote to him. And I suddenly realized that writing some very Frank things to a person I don’t know. I usually superstep, barrier, I think someone will take advantage of me. And here I just from the first second before the man so open. br>
He wasn’t doing anything — just being herself and all. At first, he didn’t have my phone — I can’t give the phone to a stranger. And he invited me to the movies. I said I will not go. He did not know until recently, I will come or not. And I didn’t know. But I’m here. After the first film, he even offered to watch a movie. We stayed for one session, and in the process becoming closer. And since that day we have never parted.

Anna told me that their first date with Janis over at Patriarch’s ponds — there Sedokova she took the basketball player, because I knew that this is one of the most romantic places in the city.

Janis Timm, Anna Sedokova, Svetlana Bondarchuk

Janis about the relationship with Anna

In relationship for me important mutual understanding and trust. Sometimes you meet a person for the first time — and the conversation after 5 minutes you realize that I know him for 20 years. So I had with Anna: I understand how she feels and where she wants. Once it was clear and very easy.

Anna about the credibility of Janis

When you’re with his mangled soul as something living, then cease to believe. It’s not that I never believed the men believed, but would not. When you have every time the same thing, then blow on the milk. Now, I absolutely believe, I always believed Janis. Just now I’m the most confident.

Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova with her son Hector

Janis said that now is trying to establish a relationship with ex-wife Sanaa, in marriage, with whom he had a son Christian. According to the young person, the process is not easy, but the player is not going to give up and believes in the best. The fact that in the beginning of the relationship with Anna, which lasted for about one and a half years, Janis has officially been married. Timm argued that this is only a formality, and they are quite long lived with Sana under one roof, while she said that the news about the separation with her husband was to her surprise. In September last year, Janis and Sana officially divorced and was able to peacefully resolve the issue on the custody of a common child.

Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova

Anna about domestic violence and feminism

Many women forgive men for the fact that they beat their children. It is impossible to forgive. You can forgive because he didn’t call because I was working late. Cheated on you because so there were circumstances. But if he hit you or your child took his big hand, turned to you and said, “Woman, be silent”… Well, do you think that for you there is nothing better in this world? Do you think that you will be worse? I spent quite a long part of his life alone with the children. There is nothing wrong. br>
you pushing society. I know with Janis talking about. I’m not a woman from that commercial yoghurts. That’s who needs the advertiser? The advertiser needs a happy family. He doesn’t need a strong and independent woman without some men. When we give the girls the opportunity to Express themselves, regardless of Papic, who next, then we will have less violence. The girls will be more independent, will have more faith in yourself. Then, if she has a man and say, “I’ll give you 300 thousand,” she would say, “300 million? I’m staying!”. This is a problem of society, where women are regarded solely with a man.

In conversation Anna Sedokova also touched upon the conflict between Russia and the native singer of Ukraine and told about his difficult relationship with his mother. Janis, in turn, told about how he started to play basketball and talked about their dreams and goals for the near future.

Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova