there is No doubt that the success of Hidalgo contributed greatly intensified, especially in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, increased French interest in the problems of healthy way of life and to ecology in General. By the way, this wave that has become a kind of sensation of this election in such large cities like Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon, came to power, the representatives of the party “Europe – Ecology – Green”. And the socialist Anne on the eve of the second round successfully concluded an Alliance with the representative of this party David Belliard, thereby enlisting the support of the city of “nerds.” Such an Alliance, as it was practiced in other cities, local jokers called watermelon: pink (the color of the French socialist party) on the inside and green on the outside.

After the announcement of voting results rusticasa radiant smile Hidalgo told his supporters gathered in front of city hall that “Parisians have made a choice in favor of Paris, where you can breathe freely,” and that “none of the residents will be on the sidelines”.

to think that the reference to “the curb” was ambiguously perceived by the Parisians among the owners of the cars that have more than one year in a row experiencing hard pressure from the mayor, convinced that cars have no place on the streets and squares of the city on the Seine and not only on the roadway. No wonder the document “Manifesto for Paris”, released on the eve of elections, the tandem Hidalgo Belliard said that places for car Parking, already reduced in the next five years will be in the city in half. Planned reduction of the speed limit to 30 km/h throughout the urban area. By 2024, will be allowed a car with a diesel engine, and by 2030 – all others with the exception of “environmentally friendly” electric cars and hybrids.

it Should be noted that such a course, and he was taken to Anne Hidalgo six years ago at the beginning of its first mandate, has already borne fruit. Over the years private fleet of Paris has declined by 19 percent, nearly half of which came in the year 2019. In the city during this time has become unbearable to ride because of the efforts of mayor everywhere refashioned the roadbed. Where once there were two and three rows for cars, retained only one, and the rest of the space given to taxis, buses and, of course, cycle paths, which, apparently, will be soon covered the entire city. Bikes and public transport (metro, trams and buses on natural gas), – the object of special concern, re-elected mayor. On the initiative of the Parisians, decided to purchase this vehicle to electric drive, and promised subsidies in half the cost (but not more than 500 euros).

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