For the anniversary of the Victory, Anita Tsoy suddenly replaced by a familiar role and has recorded an album of songs on military subjects, driven to understand, not only a professional passion, but also the civilian sense. The name of the job selected according to the occasion – of solemn and pathetic: “the winners of the Nation is dedicated.” The album, the singer has included 12 of the most famous songs not only wartime, like “Dark night” or “In the dugout”, but works, which in the 60-ies – 70-ies of the real hits: the legendary “Cranes” or “We need one victory” from the movie “Belorussian station”.

As a whole with Evstigneev once “swung on our William Shakespeare” in the famous film “Beware of the car”, so popular singer swung now on the big pop names of the last century – Mark Bernes, Claudia Shulzhenko, Nina Ruslanova, Leonid Utyosov, Lyubov Orlova and other actors, singers, who were the first performers already historical works. Swing the show diva came out as ambitious, so risky.

Each of the songs selected for the album, a definite poetic and musical gem, having besides a certain touch of sacredness to the local cultural and social landscape. The latter circumstance is often played with many enthusiasts a cruel joke, turning the “beautiful soul impulses” in Protocol-duty exercise for the desired show. At the same time it happened and masterful exceptions like Lyudmila Gurchenko “Songs of military years”, where author and actor beginning to turn even other platitudes in piercingly sincere feelings.

So for Ms. Choi stood a very complex task not only to find new colors in quite overused, although a beautiful material, but also to avoid the shackles that I still had a. Apparently, it was because of all the obvious inside information some publishers, to which the artist came up with the idea, expressed a certain skepticism at first.

But we need to know Anita, assertive and confident Korean woman. So what-what, and someone’s scapecom it will not catch, if it is something drummed planned. Rolling up his sleeves, the singer almost became real to dig a dugout in the Studio to get into character and feel the material with a maximum dip in it.

– Honestly, the whole commercial entertainment not that tired, he told the singer, but began to oppress against the background of recent events, all this strained humor, ostensibly to help pass the quarantines and self-isolation… a lot of duty has become manifest in it. Personally, I have not that emotionally, but literally on the physical level there is the need for some deep artistic statement. As immersed in these reflections, I perebIrala record collection and especially if out of his pack, slipped the old record of Mark Bernes. “Cranes”, the last song he had written before his death. Awesome authors – the composer Yan Frenkel, poet Rasul Gamzatov, a brilliant translation of Nahum Grebneva, in fact, co-author of the work. I decided to listen and I felt literally to tears. Some time I even sat in a daze and realized that she really want to try myself in this material. Wartime military theme and gave birth to an incredibly intense story and musical, and meaningful.

the work started. In the archives were collected by the real sounds of war crackling of the fire, the roar of cannon fire, ringing of warships and even the voice of the legendary radiodoktor of Yuri Levitan. “I wanted the songs to sound as they performed in mud huts in military hospitals, at halts, in the rear,” explained the idea of Anita Tsoy. The outer “cover” for tracks not cancelled while main – convincing performance, intonations and emotions. “I took the liberty to take their own interpretation not only my favorite childhood material, but also well-known, shares his experiences of the singer, – and this was a risk on the one hand, but on the other I suddenly realized that I see and hear these songs in their own way and they can not fulfill. Just felt an inner need”.

Rehearsals were devoted dozens of hours to each track was sung and played in a single Studio take, without sound treatments and adhesions. The main, perhaps the “victim” that knows a lot about the “sausage scraps” electronic arrangements, the singer brought to the altar of creative experiment was the rejection of the usual intake record. Bayan da guitar – pure unplugged –the singer considered the only instruments in the accompaniment which could Express the necessary emotions and feelings.

the Best accompaniment to “relic” the recording became a trio of “Relic”. Alexander Nikonov, Vyacheslav Maynov, Alexey Leonov created a truly impressive and extremely authentic musical picture. The guitar came from Anita herself, accompanying himself in the bolshnistva rooms. Well “branded” the low voice of the veiled, polished songs with a piercing intimacy. Everything is as it was in the dugout.

Publishers, after listening to the material, brought Ms. Choi apology, saying, do not believe, repent, the record came out vanamalinaa launched into work. The premiere was timed, of course, to the Victory Day and laid out already in the two track “In the forest frontline” and “Cranes” has received many favorable reviews and surprised: “This Anita Tsoy we have not heard!”. But the main thing in this work, perhaps, that no matter what the occasions and dates, the singer really managed not only to threaten “all known material”, but OK��satisa it certainly is organic and convincing.