Andrei Makarevich with his wife Einat Klein

the 66-year-old Andrei Makarevich married for the fourth time six months ago, however, the media found out about it recently. The permanent leader “time Machine” along with his new girlfriend, 36-year-old Israeli businesswoman Einat Klein, gave an interview to “the Jewish journal”. In this conversation, the star couple has told about his acquaintance, the secret wedding in all traditions and separation in which they reside for more than three months because of a pandemic coronavirus.

Andrei Makarevich and Einat Klein

Andrey Makarevich has told me that he and Einat met in Ethiopia: a musician along with a group of friends went on a trip to this exotic place, and Klein, which is the organizer of travels in Africa, acted as their guide. According to Makarevich, their meeting with the beloved was sealed:

theoretically we could not meet. I visited 120 countries, and there are not many exotic places where I was and where I wanted to go. And Einat carries tourists mostly in such places. We have a group of friends that once a year has long been chosen for serious Hiking. At that time we met in Ethiopia. And the Club Michael Kozhuhova was recommended to us by Einat as the best guide in this country, and all. All turned out well. And the future took care of itself.

In this journey of Andrew and Einat and began a relationship. The musician recalls that he took the first step and continued to care for the beloved only after he saw that his feelings are mutual.

Soon the lovers were married in Israel. The process of organizing the celebration Makarevich gave Einat — according to the musician, the occasion for it was of absolutely no importance, while the lover wanted to go with the observance of Jewish traditions.

I do a ritual component to this event calmly. Not the first time I married, no weddings, I was not. So, gathered friends, and it all ended. A doll tied to the car, shouts of “with a little do not tighten”, “why do young people not dancing” — that it just never was never will be. Einat wanted to be beautiful and it was in Hebrew. She is a fabulous all organized, I was not involved. A total of forty people — we invited our closest Moscow and Israeli friends. It all happened in Jaffa in a wonderful old interior, with a wonderful chef, wonderful wines. And I am once again convinced that married a perfectionist, which brings to perfection all that is taken. We didn’t do any secret, but the Russian yellow press, apparently, have lost the sense of smell and through this story — I was very satisfied. And only later when I’m in some interviews has mentioned his wife, they woke up. It was very funny,

— has told Makarevich about the wedding with the beloved.

Einat Klein

Andrei Makarevich and Einat Klein said that now they are apart because of the pandemic coronavirus: even interview the couple gave on Zoom. This Makarevich expressed confidence that very soon everything will end and they will finally be reunited.

you Know, we were apart of his life. And anything, somehow survived. Do three months not survive? Yes, I am by nature an optimist. And Einat pessimist and thinks it will last three and a half.

Makarevich said that even after the opening of the borders he and his wife will continue to live in two countries, the Director is not accustomed to living in one place. In addition, married actor and musician is not ready to give up a large number of touring and traveling the world.

My life is arranged in such a way that I can find very little in one place. Last year I spent here in this Moscow house a total of three weeks, then tour, then journey, then some trips. Probably as soon as I open camera and I will be back to her normal life. I live in Moscow, I live in Israel, we travel, we tour, we go to dive. It’s gonna be.

we will Remind, Andrey Makarevich was thrice married. The musician has three adult children, who were born from different women. 33-year-old son Ivan, born in marriage with Alla Golubkina, went in his father’s footsteps and became an actor.

Andrei Makarevich and Einat Klein