Andrei Razin predicted show business poverty:

Andrew, what do you think how much the current paralysis, the epidemic of the coronavirus pop industry will affect the economy of the state as a whole?

the Cancellation of shows will have a detrimental effect only on the stars and their incomes, the rest of the population did not feel. Who among our celebrities pay taxes?

After the arms race the second most expensive industry in the world – show business. It is in second place. But we seem nothing work the stars to the state budget have not. And millions, by the way! You try in America to pay! You will be put in jail! In the Soviet era concert activity somehow regulated. And today you saw at least one criminal case of tax evasion? The us government believes that it is better to shake entrepreneurs, small business, taxes to collect.

Maybe criminal cases no, because there are no violations? Unless you are an employee of the tax Department, to claim the opposite?

was this Alexander Pochinok (now deceased Minister of taxes and duties – auth.), he tried to collect all taxes with artists. And what do you think? Once it is announced, all the stars ran to the Kremlin to complain Yeltsin! “We’re actors!” they cried.

presumably, your colleagues, and you have the documents, confirming payment of taxes in those days. And today and all the tickets are selling electronically, as in this situation you can get away from paying taxes?

– And the corporate? You know how much it costs, for example, a concert Kirkorov?! 200 thousand euros! And Pugacheva – 500 thousand euros!

do You think that stars as a self-employed citizen, went and paid taxes?

– Perhaps each artist draws on their their activity. And corporate events now, I think, and did not have any.

– of Course! Now a pandemic and no books artists for corporate events. There is no money. Therefore, the stars withCorot will sell your stuff and the money to exist. And all of them I’ve been advised not to throw away your things, here and there was a time when they can be pushed and live on it.

the Crisis in show business for a long time?

– I think the epidemic will last for six months, all concerts canceled in advance. According to conservative estimates, the artists have lost millions.