Not to say that Anatoly Choi after winning the show “the Mask” where he was hiding under the impressive lion mask, woke up the next morning star. A guy without any jokes can be called a seasoned performer. For six years he was a member of the band MBand, and boysband, as you know, the year is at least two. To this must be added several TV projects, where Anatoly was leading and of course the many competitions in which the future artist was involved almost from childhood.

a victory in the show, which lasted a month and a half, where the face and personality of the artist was opened only in the final sparked a new interest in popular starlet. An unexpected surprise, which forced me to look at a new well-known artist, it became not only for teleseriala, but even for the Chairman of the jury, Philip Kirkorov. The king of pop very emotionally divided today with the “MK” to their sudden “Epiphany”. However, before we hurried congratulating himself Anatoly Tsoy, because now everyone is saying that its popularity has gained a completely new face and perspective.

“Sister” all the creative Koreans, Anita Tsoy, who is close friends with pop starlets, rejoicing in the victory of the young colleagues, said: “МBand broke up Kostya Meladze released children on free bread, and now this is the first project of Anatoly Tsoi. He is a very talented guy. But I even had no idea that it was him in the show. I did not expect from such a versatile technology, this vocal transformation. I think he has a great future. I congratulate of egos for such a convincing victory. The main thing now – the musical material, since such talent is very difficult to choose the genre in which you work. I hope shreds cope with this dilemma. I like the older sister than I can, so, of course I’ll help…”


Anatoly was born in Kazakhstan, in a family far from music, however, parents were able to see in the son a greater propensity for singing and encouraged his creative impulses. In fourteen years, the young man began to speak at city festivals and private parties, and then began fully grown tests like contest “Delphic games” and the first season of Kazakhstan “X-Factor”. An aspiring artist always reached the finals and even for some time was a soloist in the local group Shugar Beat, but the real winning ticket he pulled for the show “Want to Meladze”, where he became a soloist of the MBand.

— In all the contests I have taken one strategy I was taught by my vocal teacher, – accepting congratulations from “MK,” said Anatoly, – She said could be, so that then not to regret that the speech you have remained sober and adequate satisfaction. And then from nothing you can do and we can only hope those who judge you��.

You immediately intrigued by the idea to speak under the mask? For a known artist probably is not very interesting to be incognito?

I didn’t know about this show and never saw their foreign counterparts. I received the offer, I came to the meeting with the producers, we discussed, work has begun, but before the first broadcast, I still did not understand how it is and what it is. For me it was a strange and uncomfortable process. But after the first broadcast, the issues disappeared. We all saw the scale and the actual ratings.

the lion was ultimately one of the most striking images in the project. You wanted this mask, or liked by others?

When I asked which mask I would like to speak, and offered options, I immediately asked if they had a lion. This is my totem animal. I was born under the sign of Leo, my first tattoo was a lion pendant, lion and even my brand of clothing called. So for me here doubts arose and I went to meet him.

Your mask is really cool looking, but what was it like to sing in this outfit?

– Very uncomfortable. And still need to convey their emotions, to penetrate the soul of viewers, to reach the hearts of the jury. And through the mask it was very difficult, but turned out to be possible.

— With your competitive experience, perhaps you could aim to win…

On the win I thought and it didn’t count. Of course, I did everything in order to win, but until the last moment I had doubts. The opponents were very worthy, even though I tried with no one to compete. The main competition in this show I had with myself. Each statement, I tried to defeat its previous.

— is Your Leo and he became a celebrity…

— It’s amazing, but the Lion came the fan accounts in social networks and for me this is the biggest discovery. The lion sent a lot of comments…

– Fans of behind the scenes conspiracies, incidentally, was confident that the jury and the participants initially knew who was who, and talked behind the scenes…

People tend to invent something and believe in it. But, frankly, not what a jury or the participants, and even people who worked on set was not pricked. We of course tried to split the stylists, makeup artists, administrators. We have all asked: “And who is this wolf?”, “A spider?”. And no one injected. Until the last moment managed to keep secret who is behind the masks. And if it would be different, the audience would immediately feel it.

you until the very end, no one learned under that mask?

the Most ardent fans who follow me, already know me from the very beginning of the show. They blew up with comments about what I have lion, all my posts and live streams.

— And probably still couldn’t��t to calm down, that group MBand is no more. This is where a heartbreaking story. You yourself are not a pity to write off this project to the scrap?

— I have no regrets. It was our common decision. Each of us have outgrown this group and it is time to develop further. I am sure that we, as solo artists will be able to surprise fans. Show me played into the hands of, because it’s a great start for my solo project “Choi”. I continue cooperation with Konstantin Meladze, will be ready soon the first single, followed by a second. So we are working hard on new material and will soon begin to delight those who wait.

And all this combined with a regime of self-isolation?

– I have isolated themselves in the office with his team. We now have a lot of tasks, which unfortunately can not be solved from home. So we decided to isolate themselves at work. I hope this will end soon and I can go on tour.


For the jury, Philip Kirkorov “tearing off masks” in the finale, too, was a big surprise and unexpected. Now Philip Anatoly Choi predicts “a great future”. The king of pop told the “MK”, how hard was it in terms of a pandemic of panic and isolation to work on the set and shared plans for the coming 30 April, the birthday.

– the Premiere show took place on March 1, – said Philip, – even before this nightmare. It was very solemn, a hall full of people, all shouting, screaming, and no one could not imagine that will start in two weeks. There was a feeling of something unusual and strange because before I sat in the jury that didn’t understand how it can be how you can convey the emotion of the song, the mood, being in such bulky costumes, masks. It has always been that emotion is transmitted to the audience through the eye, which, as we know, the mirror of the soul, through gestures, facial expressions, and here – just dolls that sing songs. But as soon as the first demonstrations, I personally realized that it is really exciting. I admit that initially I bought it just for fun, I realized that I as a showman in the role of Chairman of the jury here, of course, to roam and to mock. But mockery is not reached, everything was very serious, and artists, who were under the masks, a very serious approach to every performance.

Everyone understands that these clowns still some celebrities. The guessing factor was probably important. Personally, many you have caught?

– Here, of course, came the main intrigue. Animal curiosity, to get: well, who? Since the first release of course, I immediately guessed the voice of the Valley, which is not it is impossible to guess.

– Roofing And Choi remained a mystery till the end?

More than half of the programs I was sure thatd the costume and mask of a lion in hiding, Nikita Presnyakov, because Nikita know for a long time, know that he loves all of those musical performances which the musical material. Especially when he heard the “daddy’s” ballad “There’s me”. So faked the voice on Nikita! I have no doubt about it. But closer to the final releases, when the battle went for life and death, the image of Nikita slowly faded away, and in my view loomed two figures: Alexey Chumakov and the actual Roofing Choi, all of whom have already begun to speak. But until the last minute it all was still a mystery.

brand new faces opened, because compared to what it was in Anatolia in MBand?

– Definitely! I even revised editions of the contest “I Want to Meladze”, where Choi first came out, and saw that he really was trapped within the boy band! He was very original, sang, danced, such that never dreamed of Michael Jackson, but he was quickly besieged. What he could and what ultimately did (in the group), there were two big differences. MBand in a sense, comb his hair, straighten, and he’s actually very bright, talented, original person. If he worked solo, it would have long been able to plug all the belt – and dance, and music, and execution, and charisma, all of it. He was still very smart boy, well-read, educated. Even got taffy for his author program. Anyway, I saw a bright, completely formed personality that simply has become a superstar in this country. And a victory in the show, I’m sure, very, very helped with it.

So now the big prospects?

– Very large! Especially with proper management. In my lifetime we’ve seen a lot of talented and promising young artists, but they have gone nowhere due to the fact that may fall into the wrong hands, not there, not here. I really want Roofing now properly started a solo career.

– are You too often support young talents…

– You know I support young talents every year at Eurovision. Experience and practice have shown that this began a long way from the very same Ani Lorak, Dima the Sorcerer, many… I think in this case my help was the fact that I was Chairman of the jury who had the final decision whom to give the victory because the votes are equal. And the choice was difficult between him, Karina Cox and Larisa Dolina. It was very difficult to cross a certain line, given the scale, the identity and authority of Larisa Alexandrovna, give her third place. Morally very difficult, especially since we are well acquainted with it. I was very worried that she did not properly understand. But we must pay tribute to the Valley, which is itself a teacher, a mentor, and she is very right took this promise – to give way to young. This makes her a great honor. So its role in the fate and formation of Antolia Tsoi I have played in a certain way.

– Well, “Eurovision” has not been canceled after a coronavirus, is not it?

– If it so happens that Kazakhstan, where I came from Choi, ever decide to take part not only in children but also in adult Eurovision, and if Anatoly decided to contact me and to our creative team DreamTeam, we will begin to work with it, because it is certainly a very talented artist. And so I’m always open for advice, for help, for any bold ideas. Young artists know about it, the same Egor Krid.

– whether the feeling of walking through a minefield on the set? The same pandemic raging around…

– And how! At first I even took the children. But when it became clear that the danger is greatly increased, went the statement that it is necessary to sit at home, then began, of course, the game of roulette. Shooting to stop was impossible. Wore gloves, masks, but all the same after all – the chairs, tables, every shot was almost nine o’clock. Willy-nilly about something I forget, something touching, bring food. Come know how washed the glasses, where he brought a pizza during a break… But, you know, afraid of wolves – in the woods not to go. I remembered the words of Vanga (before her death she wondered Kirkorov – approx. ed.) that the life I have and this coronavirus is not my destiny. The only man I was worried for Bedros, who is 88 years old, and for children. Because after the shooting I returned to the house, and, of course, was the biggest risk. But, before you cross the threshold, I took the full disinfection in my, so to speak, the dressing room. All these a month and a half listened, of course, to your body. But, you see, the God of mercy.

Tests taken?

– Last time they took before the finals, five days ago. Waiting for the result. Hope surprises to my birthday would not.

happy birthday too ambush, right?

everybody knows how important it was for me on the day of my birth to be with his audience. Almost all the birthdays I spent on the stage. It had to be this time. But, of course, was canceled. But useful some of the “store”, so to speak, that I kept “extra values” – concert “Color of Mood”. We shot the year has done licked shots with the latest technology. What is most interesting – it was the last concert in the “Olympic” before the hall was closed for renovation. Once the “Olympic” as a concert venue was opened by Alla Pugacheva with the show “Come and say” in 1983, and it is symbolic that I closed with this show. Now this concert, to my surprise, will join a line of “quarantine” of telepromter. But traditions do not change the date of birth give people musical instrumentsspacious a gift from yourself.