If the character Anastasia Chernobrovina and there’s a spontaneity, on labor activities is not reflected. Presenter eighteen years the country wakes up and looks at the same time as the girls that get the job of your dreams.

Anastasia was sitting on the veranda of a cafe, drinking black tea and does not neglect dessert. Sweet and the figure of the presenter seems to be living on different planets, but Anastasia says that the period when the food she picked out the apples and sometimes nuts are long gone. Now eating and steaks, and desserts, and for the piece meets three year old son, who takes a lot of energy. A young mother, working full-time now, no surprise, and in the case Anastasia hard to imagine another lifestyle. She always had time. And conduct live broadcasts of the program “Morning Russia” on the channel “Russia” and travel around the world in the project “One planet” and to make films about different parts of Russia. It is noteworthy that nervous television vanity turned Cindy into a serious lady with a stern look. She still laughs heartily, wears dresses in bright hues and answering questions with a gleam in his eyes.

Eighteen years old, you are leading “Morning of Russia” may seem a solid achievement, but more surprising. You was in my early twenties when you came to new morning program, but at this point in your summary listed a variety of TV projects. You got on TV in his native Izhevsk still a schoolgirl…

— Yes, and it was a great way to go. Especially if you get in a good team where you on the one hand throw as a kitten in the pool, but at the same time, someone’s always there, prompt, insure.

are There any projects for which you feel nostalgia?

— No, I quietly go and with the huge excitement of moving to something new.

What are you hooked in the morning show? At first glance, so the proposal itself: long running time, terrible schedule…

— I was primarily excited live. But I had no experience in live and I first proposed a weather forecast. Despite the fact that I’m not a weather forecaster.

— And you had red hair, which is very extravagant for a great channel…

— Then I is still allowed. And then I got off to a good stylist who said that I have a gorgeous natural hair color, which is a dream of many women. And here all these years I work with your natural color.

it Turns out, the program changed more often than your image…

— Initially we experimented. We wanted informational and entertaining. Were live broadcasts from all over Russia and hour with the stars, the program flowed from one genre to another until we realized that our horse beforee all information and social topics. And as soon as we realized this, everything fell into place.

— I Can assume that over the years the air there were reasons to think about changing jobs. Or are you with this genre of Board of Directors?

I’m surprised at myself. Apparently I’m a very conservative person, and in all. If I have friends, that for many years and their friendship only gets stronger. And with the program. From time to time ask yourself the question: “Is after eighteen years you are not tired?” And the answer is: “No!”. Every day new topics and new people, I always something to learn. And the saturation of information — the adrenaline, and in a good way.

If I understand correctly, now you have evening live broadcasts to the far East. After the ether from home?

— After the ether food to the child, to her husband. But while I’m in the car, unable to solve some questions on the Russian geographical society, where I have ten years of working as a presidential Adviser on information policy. The first half of the day I try to spend with the baby, and the rest of the time I’m on the air. But now we have a convenient schedule: three-day air, three day stay, so you can catch a lot.

— speaking of geography… Your TV life is not only in a warm Studio. You directed a lot of films about different countries and Russia from the soul ride. Can we say that some expedition was special for you?

— It was in 2010. Vladimir Putin, who was then Prime Minister, was going on a trip in different regions and on the channel gathered four teams to make a movie about these parts of Russia. I took the last turn, because I was working on the morning broadcast, and there is a tight schedule. And the tidbits are already taken. Someone went to Sakhalin, someone to Kamchatka, someone on the route Chita-Khabarovsk, which Putin was traveling on a yellow Lada. I left the Arctic, the Ust-Lensky reserve, and about this place no one really knew nothing. But in the end the trip was for me one of the highlights. We spent twenty-three days. Without a shower and other amenities, it was easier to find mammoth than Wi-Fi. Slept in tents and it was in August and on the street no more than ten degrees Celsius. In my team there were nine guys and three days later the four men began one by one to catch a cold. I was treated there. They called me little Rover, because I was filming from morning to night. And to stop was impossible, because just this reserve will not fall.

the Problem with the shower and have not decided?

— our First shower was on the icebreaker that came by and took us on Board for a while. A trickle of water in the shower was so thin that it needed almost an hour to wash my hair, especially when hair is long��.

the Second shower was at the station, where he worked as Russian and German students. It happened already at the end of the expedition. We went finally to the bath, jumped in the small lake and felt very happy.

— And in this expedition you had the interview with Putin…

— Each of the four groups had to interview Vladimir Putin. Not all turned out, because of weather conditions. We were lucky! It was a very cool conversation on the steps of one of the houses in the camp students. I remember I decided to give him a yellow Mac, I wanted to do something nice, after all my first interview of this level. And so I from all souls give him this yellow poppy, and he said, “What have you done?” I was so upset, asked: “What happened?”. And he said, “don’t You know that yellow poppy is included in the Red book. Why are you broke?” I even have goosebumps ran. Then he of course smiled, gently chided me and we moved on to serious topics.

In 2009 you became the host of the program “One planet”. There is reason to believe that local television it was one of the first programs, which used methods of vlogging. That is leading with a small camera in hand and no statements…

you wouldn’t believe, I thought about it! I in fact have been the first on television began to remove himself. Then another and there were no bloggers and social networks work differently. I went around the world with great crew and people were scared of our cameras like the plague. Remember in Ecuador we went to the mountains to shoot an Indian tribe, so they were rocks to throw, when he saw all our equipment, because they believe that cameras take away their power. In Vietnam I wanted to do an interview with a nun, a beautiful woman directly by God’s angel. And here she sees this edifice, which is directed at her, she starts panicking, she doesn’t understand what we need. In Tokyo, we wanted to shoot in the subway, but professional cameras are not allowed there, you need permission, which just didn’t have time. And I bought a tiny palm-sized camera with a pivoting screen as tourists descended into the subway and took servants pushed passengers into crowded cars. In General it is forbidden. Came up to me and said politely, as if I was with the crew, we would be immediately fired. So I start getting the materials for movies. I immediately realized that people are not afraid of me, and sometimes is not perceived as a journalist, I am to the average tourist. Sometimes I was able to get into places with a camera is almost impossible to get, and was a great interview. In some movies on my camera was filmed more than half of the material. Then this method was used in d��which programs, and now bloggers and many others are just so removed.

— How do you feel about all this integralnym divam, which are now just Queen of the world?

— They are great. They found their audience and it’s a big job. You will not just watch millions than they have their fans. In addition, we can meet to debate how and who in the film says how competent speech, high-quality text. To grow and develop endlessly. But girls have millions of subscribers, and they deserve it.

the busy schedule of life it is very difficult for you to imagine on maternity leave. Nevertheless, you did a quite solid for television standards of the recess. How did you do it?

— I was looking forward to the baby, and as soon as I realized I was pregnant, already in the second month made the decision to stay at home, and of course grateful to the ethereal team for their support. Of course I traveled, but it was not constant load, when you’re in a dress, heels, around huge number of people and worry all the time, if somebody will. So I decided I was leaving and if God willing, we’ll be back. I certainly would like to sit half a year after birth, but a month later they called me and said that of the two remaining in the program girls-one leading left, and another was sick. And I went to the kid and on the same day, rush on the air because of a hopeless situation. Then I began to go once a week, then two and eventually returned.

— Now son for three years. You get to be a good mother?

— When the baby was born I immediately said to myself that our son is not a babysitter, and mom and dad. So I work with him as much as you can. Now teach him everything he needs at this stage. Words of gratitude are taught to shake hands with the mother. He wasn’t sure, but we jumped on the trampoline, I went down after him, and the kid gave me his hand. I was just tears of happiness.

— Probably all the presenters, who started working at a young age from time to time ask yourself a question like: “Will I be in the shot when I’m fifty years?” Are you familiar with such thoughts?

— I asked myself this question. We have on television is girl-host should be young and slender. But if you watch European channels, where the news usually women forty and older. And wrinkles them is very to face and gray hair — the perfect complement image. The most important thing to a woman in this line of work was clever and charming. I think the Russian audience is already ready to the fact that beauty can be Mature. And the older I get, the more I am interested to work on TV. I have something to tell and while I’m interesting to him, – I see myself in the frame and in ten and twenty years. But if I understand what has exhausted its potential, then calmly do something else.

— most Likely, any psychologist will tell you that you need to treat workaholism. How, in your opinion, you can get rid of this disease?

— Maybe find a hobby which will be the same adrenaline as the work.

— Or to master the difficult science of rest…

— This is very important. I learned this several years. And when life appears the second half, learn it faster. First you do it for him and then for myself.