Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

When the novel Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck became known to the public, few believed that their relationship will go far and become quite long. But the lovers, despite the opinion of skeptics, it seems, but even more in love with each other and gave to understand that between them all really seriously.

on Saturday, Affleck celebrated a birthday — the actor turned 48 years old. Beloved Ben gave him a surprise and presented a gift, which is a dream of many men. 32-year-old Ana gave Ben a new BMW motorcycle, which was produced especially for him by a company WYLD Garage Co. New vehicle lovers are already and tested yesterday they drove around on it for the Pacific Palisades in California.

a photo of your gift to fans of the Ana is not shown, leaving the paparazzi since the beginning of the novel pairs followed them closely. But in her instagram she shared a black and white picture with Ben where they both glow with happiness. The word here is really superfluous, so the actress was accompanied by a picture just a smile in the form of two bonded hearts.

Batman and Catwoman,

— given the definition of a pair of online followers.

Ben and Ana became close on the set of the film “Deep water”, the output of which is scheduled for the autumn. Spending a lot of time together at work, they soon became close, and their working relationship became romantic. The actor has already introduced new girlfriend with his children from his marriage to Jennifer garner, and presented it to his mother. According to insiders, with the family of Ben Ana were able to find common ground, and they were filled with sympathy for her.