Amy Schumer

the 39-year-old actress Amy Schumer always speaks very frankly on the topic of pregnancy and motherhood. Once again, the star touched on these questions in the TV show Weekend Today. The full release will be released soon, but excerpts from it already appeared in the network. In the video Amy admits that it is unlikely ever decide to become a mother. The actress said that the first time she managed to become pregnant only through IVF (in vitro fertilization. — Approx. ed.) and explained why he no longer wants to resort to this method.

We did IVF, and this was a very hard experience for me. I don’t think ever again will be decided on artificial insemination. I decided that I would never get pregnant. My husband and I were thinking about surrogacy, but has postponed the question

— said Schumer.
Amy Schumer with his son Gene

Amy also told how the son has Gina changed her for the better. Schumer believes the birth of a son the most beautiful thing in his life and is enjoying every minute spent beside the baby.

Recall that Amy Schumer and her 40 year old husband Chris Fisher, who Wed in February 2018, became parents for the first time in may 2019. The actress did not hide that her pregnancy was hard: in her second trimester, Amy was in the hospital due to hyperemesis (frequent vomiting), and was also forced to reduce their number of public appearances. In an interview, Amy admitted that, throughout all nine months of pregnancy felt like food poisoning.

Amy Schumer with her husband Chris Fisher

a Few months ago Amy Schumer appealed to his instagram to all women, undergo IVF. The actress expressed her support and proud to call them “women warriors”.

I am grateful to all women who share with me their experiences of IVF. They forced me to tell you, in my case everything went wrong. Women go through several stages of artificial insemination, which are painful and morally degrading. From the hundreds of women I heard about your miscarriage and encouraging stories, when after many attempts they finally made it work. This is really bad news. Thank you,

— written by Amy.

In this case, Schumer admitted that despite all the difficulties associated with IVF, she is grateful for the opportunity today to keep your son on hand, and sent rays of support to all those women who are going through artificial insemination.