Among the sailors of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was 668 infected

From this it follows that were tested 1767 crew members, of which 668 people were infected COVID-19. 31 seaman was placed in the hospital of St. Anna in the port city of Toulon where is a naval base of the French Navy, where arrived on the eve carrier. And one of them in serious condition had to determine in the intensive care unit. However, this is not the final result, and the number of infected may be more, still unknown the results of the tests, 30 percent tested.

as for the rest of the crew of the “Charles de Gaulle”, they will have to spend 14 days in quarantine in one of the buildings that located on the territory of the Toulon naval base.

How this extraordinary state of emergency could happen with the flagship of French naval forces? This question, which is now given by the French and, of course, senior management at the Elysee Palace. On it in the coming days will have to answer to the military authorities, and primarily the naval command. The chief of staff of the French Navy Admiral Christophe Prazuck already ordered an official investigation.

it is Now known that the first case of coronavirus was discovered aboard an aircraft carrier in early April. At that time, along with several other military ships of the European allies, he participated in training maneuvers “Foch” in the North Atlantic. At first, doctors the discomfort of a number of sailors took over the seasonal flu. However, sent to the mainland the tests showed that we are talking about the coronavirus. Last Friday the expense of the infected went to ten. When “Charles de Gaulle”, interrupting the week before your ocean trip, returned to port, they already had hundreds.

As we believe, the infection could spread to the ship during a routine call to the port of Brest on the Atlantic coast of France. Many sailors using the Park, got off and visited the local bars and restaurants, which at that time was not yet closed because of the epidemic. Moreover, according to some reports, the team was replenished with newcomers.

Thus, the attack aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant was laid up. For how long? Unknown. Have to go all-out disinfection, which will be held by forces of the special forces of the Navy and marine firefighters, who arrived from Marseilles.

Recall that the “Charles de Gaulle” is the second aircraft carrier, caught in the quarantine. The first was the American “Theodore Roosevelt”.