American idol contestant Lydia Kelovitz (30) shocking the American idol viewers with her Performances and takes just a sheet in front of the mouth, when it comes from their comrades-in-arms to withdraw. That Lydia doesn’t see the viewers favorite Ramon Kaselowsky long as the winner, she told in an exclusive Interview with

singer must fear,

, Each have a “weak point,” said the blonde. “This week our Motto is “Loud and Quiet” and we each have a silent Song, where it comes to transport it’s feelings and Ramon is more of a guy who likes to laugh and have a good Vibes over there, but if he’s Serious sing properly what could it might give him some problems.” At least the insurance company woman not buying experienced that Ramon has a serious Song to sing.

The 30-Year-old was price, whom she sees in the Finale, and for whom it possibly could be: “to be quite honest, we are at the moment three-beat singer, the Paulina, the Ramon and the Chiara and I think that people see a singer or a pop singer too much and that there is a need to go, of course, not now.” Thus, the places in the final for Joshua Tappe were in your eyes (in the picture below) and you backed up.

source: An exciting Outfit with a Message

For the last Show before the Finale, has come up with Lydia, who has a lot of fun with their own stage outfits is also something very Special. The songs “Tainted Love” by Marilyn Manson and “A Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga will get your very own touch.

“I definitely want to show with my Outfit and the contrast of black and white in life. Not the colors but that in a human there are always two pages are hidden. Once, the man shows love and one that is hidden.“ Behind it is a personal concern is.

The interpreter would like to Express with your Outfits in a creative way, that one should never draw hasty conclusions: “the fact That you should not always have prejudice, but also Behind-the-Scenes should look. I would like to develop a costume, what is two-sided. What you see at first glance, one sees a Person, and if you look closer you might get to see a whole Other.“

photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The third live show of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” will be on view on Saturday, from 20:15 clock on RTL and then on TVNow to.

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