Under current law, to obtain a mortgage vacation the lender must provide a certificate form 2-pit. This means that the person must be formally employed and to confirm the reduction of their income by a document issued by the employer.

it Turns out that self-employed or entrepreneur may not qualify for a mortgage vacation, because his income is confirmed by other documents – for example, tax returns.

because Of this, some banks refuse to citizens receiving money from business or other activities, in the provision of mortgage holidays.

the EP Deputies offer to allow entrepreneurs and self-employed submit to the Bank “proof that the presence of income from business or other activities with the use of special tax regimes” instead of the reference 2-pit. This will allow you to qualify for a six-month delay for the mortgage loan to individuals who are in difficult life situation, but do not have an employer.

Recall that the “mortgage vacation” you can get up to six months. The law came into force on 31 July last year.