the Students, who are in their room at the university of Ghent, had to be abandoned due to the coronacrisis, the half of the rent to pay at the end of april. In this way, the university and the negative effects on students in these times of difficulty and ease.

The reduction in the rental charge only applies to residents of homes with access to a shared kitchen and shower facilities. That would, at the 22nd of march, will be abandoned to the harsh measures taken against the spread of the corona could not be guaranteed. The students, who stay in a studio or small flat to rent from the university, with its own facilities, therefore, are allowed to remain, and will remain so for the full pot to pay for it.

The measure would only come into force in april. Ghent university hopes to have about a month-a definite for the future. At the University of Antwerp, should students be allowed to have their tenancy agreement early to operate. But this Gent is still too early in the morning. “It is our intention to, in consultation with the representatives of the Home Konvent and Social Council of the university in a number of events, some of the additional huuraanrekeningen,” says the vice-chancellor, Rik Van de Walle. Students with financial problems, it is always in the social services knocking on your door for an interview, and, if possible, a tailor-made solution.”

the Students, who are in the private sector have a room for rent, must have an agreement with their landlord. “That’s where we are, not in between,” says Van de Walle.

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