In all adult and children’s polyclinics opened after major repairs, almost 1.5 thousand employees work as administrators centers of public services “My documents”. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

Employees of public service centers are the first to meet visitors to polyclinics, it is on them that the mood and emotional state of patients depends. Administrators devote time to everyone, trying to exceed the expectations of Muscovites, work ahead of the curve and help solve emerging issues. In their work, administrators are guided by the main principle of public service centers — “The person comes first.”

Before going to work in polyclinics, administrators acquire the skills of confident and friendly communication with residents in the offices of “My Documents”. Specialists immerse themselves in the corporate culture and master the standards of public service centers.

Administrators also receive special training at the My Documents Educational Center, the Academy of Sincere Service. The training consists of several stages. Specialists study the functionality and specifics of work in the polyclinic, develop skills of proactive behavior in non-standard situations, keeping in mind the interests of the patient. After that, administrators in polyclinics work daily to develop their professionalism. They exchange experience with each other, analyze solutions to new emerging situations, study current news about innovations in polyclinics.

Public service centers “My Documents” are active participants in urban social projects and initiatives, their employees are always ready to help residents. Collaborations with various metropolitan structures are an important part of the work of public services offices, which allows you to more accurately capture the needs of Muscovites and respond to the requests of citizens. Now more than 11 thousand employees work in the offices of “My Documents”, who regularly participate in important city projects.