Alla Pugacheva with the children Lisa and Harry.

the 44-year-old Maxim Galkin pleased subscribers new family roller with participation of the main favorites of his Internet audience, six-year-old twins Lisa and Harry. This time in the role of operator of the video were the wife of the comedian, 71-year-old Alla Pugacheva. Diva decided to capture how children expect a stellar dad to work.

Smashies waiting kids lay directly on the front stairs, not to miss the arrival of the father. Alla asked the children what they would do if the Pope will not come to that immediately received a witty response from Harry.

Harry and Liza Pugacheva GalkinIf dad’s not coming, I will have a nervous breakdown,

— with a theatrical gasp, said the boy.

At some point, the children finally return star dads with the next shots. When he saw lying on the stairs children surprised Maxim asked what was happening in response to Lisa and Harry just burst into ringing laughter.

Yesterday, Maxim Galkin also demonstrated in the stories associated with their family’s harvest of cucumbers. Together with son Harry, they went in the morning in the greenhouse for a portion of vitamins.

Harry Galkin

But if the star father and son are fully engaged in gardening, Alla and Lisa’s other interests.

for Example, recently Diva has shown some sandals daughter she made herself out of paper. In the video, she jokingly turned to Shoe brand “Econika”, a person that is hinting at the fact that his older competitors.