President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko late on the day informed Parliament and the nation. In the speech, which lasted exactly an hour and a half, he put all his electoral program. The President of Belarus promised to prevent a return to “dashing the 90th”, insisted on the inevitability of the evolutionary (rather than revolutionary) development, exposed the incompetence of the opponents and urged “not to expect miracles”. Thus a lot of attention he paid to Russia, in particular, made it clear that fraternal relations in the past — and the fault of Moscow, and not Minsk. The “y” gathered the most vivid statements of Alexander Lukashenko.About the place of Belarus in global geopolitics”the US has entered a period of constant protest of turbulence. Broke out in China’s Hong Kong. Nearby Taiwan has been actively rearm. The contradictions in the region of the South China sea, where vast reserves of oil and gas. Flashed the Indian-Chinese border. To protect itself, China had to strengthen its military construction. Sparkled on the border between India and Pakistan — two countries with nuclear weapons. Flaming pockets of instability, we again observed in North Africa and the middle East. Whipped up passions against Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and other countries, allowing himself an independent, freedom-loving policy.” “Yes and the former Soviet Union for decades can not resolve a lot of the old conflicts. Transnistria, Caucasian tangle of contradictions, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Moreover — received, and Ukraine. And at this geopolitical rift is today Belarus. The only calm element in the heart of Eurasia, living with his mind. So today — in the gap. And Russia is afraid of losing us, because, besides us, she had not truly close allies, and the West recently began to show us all of more substantive interest. And China is seriously counting on the stability of his friend. Our answer is known to all: Belarus is not on friendly terms with someone against someone. We are for multi-vector. Consistent and predictable foreign policy.”About relations with Russia,”Russia has always been and still is our closest ally, no matter who was in power in Belarus or Russia. It is an irresistible factor. It is deep within our people. It is deep inside of our peoples, despite the fact that Russia brotherly relations with the us changed to the affiliate. In vain!”The “Russian rebels”Speaking about the detainees in Belarus Russians allegedly involved in the private military company “Wagner” Alexander Lukashenko reiterated version of Minsk that they arrived with the task to destabilize the situation in Belarus. Moreover, he said that to the South of the country transferred to another unit.”I was surprised see some discussion in the online channels about the recent detention of 33 fighters in Belarus, there are some conclusions and suggestions. It got to the point that the two presidents have agreed. This is a very dangerous and strong signal. And it’s all a lie. About Istanbul, about Venezuela, about Africa and Libya. These men testified that he had been sent specially to Belarus. The command was to “wait” for tickets purchased in Istanbul, is a legend. Because the Russian border is closed, they had to show here and there, they would fly to Istanbul. Why fly to Istanbul or some African country through Belarus? Because you can easily from Novorossiysk, from the Crimea in the end. Waved — and there, in Istanbul. What in Belarus? Don’t listen to this lies. It’s a lie, nobody should. We have the country, the country has laws. Who better than our own brothers the Russians and the leadership is not aware of these laws. Know.”Read more”Today I received information about another unit that deployed to the South. We have to run and catch in the forests. We all the catch”.About protest moods in the youth environment”Despite the fact that among young people now, as in no other, spread different opinions, we are proud of this generation. Proud of because it’s ours, we nurtured and brought up. Proud of the fact that having 25-30 years of experience of independence, raised free-thinking, caring people. But somewhere it got. It is on the feelings of fairness and they care about our young people now being built by unscrupulous opponents of the technology to engage youth in the political process. The future belongs to you, but believe me, it is better to learn from others ‘ mistakes rather than their own. So please, keep the mind cool under whatever pretext you or involved in political games.””It is necessary to protect young people from harmful actions. Anything these puppeteers will not work! Just hurt our people.”About information campaigns against the government”Over the past months, the social network and Telegram channels are flooded with crap, mud, shameless, shameless lies. People have lost all conscience. I’m not talking about the ones that I have nurtured on your own hands from his own chest. You look at our creators (artists.— “Y”): well yesterday they bowed, wriggled, rejoiced, sang, danced, what happened to them just a day?””All the arrows are poisonous, Kovenya is now directed against Lukashenko. Blame, humiliate, to crush, to destroy. So you should know that even without me, the Belarusian people will be able to defend themselves.Because he knows that the other land in the world, except for Belarus, he will not. Remember, we have the police and the army and security services. The children of those who you want to be harnessed to a cart and whip to urge. People in uniform you do not allow. Even without menja”.About the possibility of the arrival of another President,”We will accept any your decision. Just never betray, betrayal is not forgiven even in heaven.””If you are not able to something that is not ready — out of the way, not interfere, not get in the way, let’s save the country. After a year or two we ostaganem this situation and will do what is necessary to Belarusian people, but on the emotions it is impossible today to solve any issue.”What happened in Belarus on the eve fiberoptical next”I’m not a Saint. I have everything — good and bad— but you know me. You know what I’m, what is not, what I can and what not. You know that your life to me is sacred. Forget the rest. Tomorrow will come and take new, unknown, this Constitution, what policies he will pursue? You will resist the wholesale privatization? Will you hold him because he pushed the country to the left or right? Can hold on, today hold on without me”.The incompetence of opponents,”Found these three stupid girls (United opposition headquarters: Svetlana Tikhanovski, Veronika Tsepkalo, Maria Kolesnikova.— “Kommersant”). They do not understand what they are reading. What are you writing? “We will hold unfair elections, release of economic, political, drug addicts, criminals, we will hold fair elections and we will live.” But you they even tell me that it is not the President of Belarus appoints the election. After the fraudulent elections ever Belarusian Parliament would plunge the country into a series of election campaigns and does not appoint another election. You at least think about it. What are you writing? They do not understand what they say and what they do. But we can see who is behind them”.On foreign investments”the Most powerful and safe source of economic growth is investment. Many today say including alternatives (the opposition candidates.— “Y”) — that we will rush to the investors from the outside. Now that elections will be dishonest, prisoners release, hold fair elections, and investment will rush to us. If you give them your enterprise, Belarus will turn into Paradise. Let’s look at this from a real perspective.”On the approach to the pandemic coronavirus”our hospitals are not sorted patients as at the front. “Tighter, younger — will live, will be treated, save. And this man — he will depart” — quote (who exactly quoted Mr. Lukashenka, he did not elaborate.— “Kommersant”). At each stage of struggle against this trouble we have taken adequate measures. This is what is now called special way of Belarus. And today, all countries recognize that we did the right thing. But what pressure was at the beginning: template for all countries the recommendations of the world health organization. Immediate quarantine, curfews, closures, stops businesses. As you know today, I could not go. Eachday explaining your steps, I tried to reach every Belarusian. To understand: stop, isolate people — will die as a nation and will lose the state. So like today was.”Produced Kirill Krivosheitsev thoughts and opinions of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenkist next