Matthias Thöns complained in an Interview with the “Deutschlandfunk”, a “very one-sided focus on the intensive treatment” of patients in the corona of a crisis. The palliative care physician, calls for: Elderly patients with pre-existing conditions need to be better informed about the rigors and possible serious consequences of intensive therapy.

The number of intensive care beds and intensive care beds with ventilators in Germany is currently in any kind of press briefing by the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI), and many Statements from politicians and virologists mention. Prayer mill-like RKI-chief Lothar Wieler, repeatedly, that an adequate supply for later phases of the Covid-19-should the pandemic be ensured.

Federal health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had said on Thursday that currently, around 3000 Covid-patients are in Intensive treatment. More than 10,000 intensive were beds up-to-date – Germany’s clinics see also Easter, good gewapnnet. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online, Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause of Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

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palliative physician, criticized “one-sided focus on the intensive treatment,”

palliative physician, Thöns sees the focus on the intensive treatment of Corona patients but critical and warns of ethical problems. “The policy now has beds in a very one-sided focus on the intensive treatment, on the Purchase of new ventilators, to Offer intensive,” said the doctor from North Rhine-Westphalia “Germany funk”.

often it was a group in the high age, the suffering, and in part to pre-existing conditions. “So it’s a group that usually has and yet get more and more palliative care as an intensive care medicine,” says Thöns, and criticised the handling of the patients in the Corona-crisis. “Now is diagnosed with a new disease, and because of this all patients, intensive care patients.” #Corona care: Germany helps – FOCUS Online

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The Use of this treatment, according to Thöns minimal. According to a Chinese study, in which the practitioner invokes, would inherit “97 percent despite maximum therapy goes by, an intensive therapy is painful, because the relationship between Use and harm can hardly agree with that.”

“Wrong priorities, and that all ethical principles are violated”

set could be of a certain age and with corresponding pre-existing conditions, only a very few people to save, and most of the Rescued would remain disabled after a few weeks of hard. “I see, the wrong priorities, and it violated all the ethical principles that we know so,” criticized the doctor. Too often, patient dispositions, the refuse a ventilator or desires is not considered to be Treated would.

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The loud Thöns reprehensible. “The will goes beyond the indication,” stresses the physician and calls for a different approach. “You should inform the patients, actually to be honest, that intensive care medicine, rescue chances at a high suffering load with the minimal due to the associated intensive-care medicine.”

palliative care physician, calls for education to intensive care patients to self

You would have to ask the people the question of whether you and your family are in the ICU, and ventilation to be isolated or to stay with the risk to not survive, but with gelindertem suffering at home. “I tell you, most of the old people will go the second way, if you tell them honestly,” believes Thöns. Reuters/Tom Weller/dpabild A Nurse with a resident of the nursing home and a Walker across the hall. (Recording with a zoom effect).

In this context, the palliative physician, praises the special control, that people who are in a nursing home to Die, may get a visit. “In the nursing home, you are no longer separated, at least from your family, if you opt for palliative care. In the ICU they will remain separate.”

Proper, ethical behavior in a pandemic, “attempts to create at least”. The framework difficult triage decisions in the intensive care units of the German Interdisciplinary Association for intensive care medicine are “ethically right. Better would be, of course, clear, if, from the outset, only the patients with the life-saving service in the clinic, the medical intensive.”


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