All employees of the education system passed the tests for COVID-19. The results from 13.3 percent test detected antibodies. Even at three per cent the result was positive — they are temporarily not allowed to work. This was told by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

the Testing was not only teachers, but also employees of cafeterias, security companies, cleaning companies and other employees.

Before 1 September in all schools the cleaning and disinfection. They will be conducted every week. In addition, there is daily cleaning and handling equipment in classes, and sports equipment. The air in the schools will be decontaminated with the assistance of safe health closed germicidal lamps and dispensers with antiseptic. At the entrance all will measure the temperature.

every school has a supply of medical masks, the students can use them at will. Teachers are encouraged to wear a mask, but when explaining the material and maintaining the distance it can be removed.

Staff canteens, security guards, cleaners, engineering services and administrative staff must wear a mask. Also be sure to use protection for teachers when they are not in class. Parents will be able to get to the schools only in disguise.

to avoid the congestion of children on entry to school, each grades will be determined by individual time when you need to come to class and leave with them. Where possible, open additional inputs.

Avoid where children congregate inside buildings will help a flexible schedule for school to begin, change, Breakfast and lunch in the dining room. The schedule of classes is available in the online journal. In addition, the start time of classes, teachers will inform the parents.

Classes are translated into a Cabinet system, that is, each class will consolidate separate office, which will conduct all lessons. The exception of classes that use special equipment, chemistry, physics, physical education and so on.

September 1, full-time classes will start in all Metropolitan schools — 537 51 schools and College.