Sergey Burunov and DJ groove

Hungry during the isolation according to the reports of journalists and photographers today had the opportunity to observe the film-making process of clip of DJ Groove. In Soho Rooms were shooting his new video for the track “Snob” with Alexander Gudkov and Sergey Baranovym in the lead roles.

Numerous prohibitions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, caused many of us to take a new look at familiar things, to think about the true values and reject the snobbery. br>the idea of the track came to me spontaneously, it’s irony on the topic of the day. Often we don’t notice the snobbery in everyday situations, and do not see his excessive mannerism, pretentiousness, selfishness, and cynicism, as we do not like all around, and as we become jaded dandies and snobs, which is all wrong, said DJ groove.

Alexander Gudkov

Sergey Burunov and DJ groove

the Director of the video for his new track was made by Oleg Asadulin, brought together in music videos many hip and artsy images. According to Sergey Burunov, “they are unhealthy there is everything: the music, the virus got into people.” Reporters asked the actor, does he notice the snobbery?
Well, not without it. Moscow all the same. But everything in moderation is good, even snobbery, replied Breakers.

On the advanced questions from the press about the “vibe and flow” actor was genuinely surprised and asked to speak with him in Russian.

Alexander Gudkov also disown fashionable buzzwords. On the question of what he might say about the future as a trendsetter, Gudkov said:
I’m not a trendsetter, trend setter is a dog breed of some sort. And so the retro-futurism, dystopia.

Sharing their impressions from the shoot today, Gudkov said that “the video is about everything and about anything.”
it Generally about what now lives in our generation. Now is not the era of silence, era activities. The era of manifest and activism— Alexander added.

Very surprised the showman the question that he is most pleased after a three-month quarantine.
do You really think we stayed home?! — said Gudkov.