Nazanin Abdulvasieva and Alexander Gordon

the 56-year-old TV presenter Alexander Gordon divorced his fourth wife, 26-year-old Nazanin Abdullayeva first, after six years of marriage. It is known that the initiator of parting became Nazanin, it filed a petition for divorce with the presenter of the First channel.

the Marriage, the spouses have terminated on the 17th of July on the global section of the Presnensky district court of Moscow, but in the press talking about it only the day before. It is noteworthy that the date of the divorce Gordon and Abdullayeva first coincided with her birthday — the day the girl was 26 years old.

Alexander Gordon and Nazanin Abdulvasieva

Despite having two children together, six-year-old Alexander and three year old, Theodore, as well as jointly acquired property, the couple was able to resolve all issues concerning child support, custody, and other, in the pretrial order.

Recall Alexander Gordon and Nazanin Abdulvasieva met on the set of the film “Nerd,” in which Gordon got the lead role. There is a student of VGIK and the daughter of movie producer Abdul Abdulvasieva came to take Alexander’s interview. Shortly thereafter, the couple began an affair. In 2014, Alexander and Nazanin married and in the same year became parents: they had a son, named Alexander after his father. Three years after this came to light their youngest son Theodore.

Alexander Gordon and Nazanin Abdulvasieva with his younger son Fedor

In an interview with the couple claimed that they absolutely do not mind the 30 year age difference. Gordon argued that the wife never took him as his mentor or teacher and educate in him a sense of responsibility for two small children.

So, why haven’t you done it yet? So, walk with him who goes there? What is there to “teach”? No, it’s much easier, much quicker, much more honest. This is what I love and what I love

— speaking about relations with the wife of the host of “Male and female” in one of his interviews.

Alexander Gordon and Nazanin Abdulvasieva with his son Alexander

For Nazanin marriage to Gordon was the first, but she became his fourth wife. To her, Gordon was married to TV presenter Marina Berdnikova, which he left a grown daughter Anna, journalist and human rights activist Catherine Gordon and student Nina Shipilovo, which at the time of marriage was 18 years. Gordon also had a brief affair with a journalist from Krasnodar Elena Pashkova. In 2012 she gave birth to a daughter, Alexandra, which later the host had recognized her.

Nazanin Abdulvasieva and Alexander Gordon with sons